Sydney Latex Mattress Factory

Hi Pheonix - Soooo glad I came across your site before purchasing our new King size bed. We too were almost swayed by the technology of the MYSIDE system in a Snooze store here in Sydney recently. I had my doubts about parting with $3500 so decided to research.

So after reading your mattress forum and other review sites it seems the MySide is not the best option and Latex a bed is one worth investigating. I am off to this store close to my home tomorrow to try out a Latex bed. I am keen on a comfort layer and read some of your posts about the best materials for these but was still perplexed when I looked at the store’s website and the options in Latex bedding.
Could you have a look and recommend the best option Latex bed with comfort layer quilting from these choices??

Thanks so much!!


The page you linked has a range of what seem to be good quality Dunlop latex mattresses. They seem to be mostly a single latex core with quilting on both sides and (except for one that has a separate topper) and don’t have a separate comfort layer. This type of more simple (generally two sided) design depends on the firmness/softness of the latex core for both pressure relief and alignment/support. Softer cores (such as the 75 kg / M3) will allow you to sink in more for pressure relief before they become firmer for support than the firmer 95 Kg / M3 firm cores. The polyfoam/wool quilting layer will also add to the softness and pressure relief of the mattress.

You would need to test these in person or a mattress with a similar type of construction to know for sure which would be best for your needs and preferences. Often a phone conversation with the manufacturer will also give you a good sense of what you can expect with each mattress (they know the smaller details of the mattress that can make a difference in how the mattress feels and performs for different people with different body types and sleeping styles) and can also give you a sense of what other people that have similar body types and sleeping styles have chosen and preferred.

In terms of construction they appear to use good materials although I would want to make sure than any polyfoam in the quilting wasn’t more than about an inch or so because once you reach about 2" then there is a risk of foam softening affecting the comfort and support of the mattress.

My general experience with local factory direct manufacturers are that they are very helpful and open on the phone and will tend to give you good information about their mattresses and which may be most suitable for your needs and preferences. There are also quite a few others in the “Australia” threads I linked earlier.