Synthetic latex blend versus 100% natural latex

Any comments on the durability and value of synthetic blended latex versus a 100% natural latex mattress. The Pure Bliss Latex Nature model mattress we tried today was 40% latex and 60% synthetic blend.

Also, any opinion on the value and durability of a combination memory foam and gel foam layered mattress such as the icomfort by Serta?

We were very impressed by the salesperson, Ariel at 6 day Mattress Store in Redmond, WA and appreciated her product and construction materials knowledge, no sales pressure customer service skills and her patience as I tried several different mattress types and models.

My only concern was the durability and value of a synthetically blended latex mattress versus the Serta icomfort, Insight model.

Thanks for your time and product guidance.


Hi El-z,

All latex … regardless of whether it is synthetic, blended, or 100% natural … is a very durable material compared to other types of foam (memory foam or polyfoam). You can read a little more about the different types of latex in post #6 here. you can also read more about the differences between 100% natural Talalay latex and the 70% synthetic and 30% natural blends in post #2 here (it’s not 60/40). In the case of the PLB mattresses … the blended latex versions would be more durable and have a longer warranty than the 100% natural versions (see the PLB comparisons between their “natural” (blended latex) and “all natural” (100% natural latex) on their site here)

That depends entirely on the specifics of what is inside a mattress you are considering. There are many iComfort models that use different combinations of materials and while none of them are particularly good value (and they are all on the list of mattresses I would tend to avoid for either quality or value reasons) … some use better quality materials than others. You can read more about the variables that are involved in the durability and useful life of a mattress in post #4 here. Latex is the “gold standard” in terms of foam durability