Talalay factory seconds from ebay

I’m wondering if factory 2nds with minor blemishes,etc. would be as good as 1sts in performance as claimed by the seller. The man. is either Latex Intl. or Radium Foam-you don’t get a choice, just what is next in line. These are raw pieces, no covers.
Any thoughts?
The seller at ebay is mattresses247. here is an item for $199. there is another, same size for $159

Hi church11,

They are what they say they are (they sell seconds that another manufacturer which is a member of this site chose not to include in their own mattresses) and a search on mattresses 24/7 (you can just cick this) will bring up a number of posts with more thoughts and information about them and a thread here that includes a more in depth review and includes pictures of their layers.

They also sell covers.