talalay gl slow response latex


Does anyone have experience with the slow response latex talalay gl from latex international? Does it feel like memory foam or is the slow response in between latex and memory foam. Is the “push back, springy” feel somewhat diminished ? The ILD is 24, how would that compare. if possible, to a 4 # or 5# memory foam layer. I’m thinking of using this as my top layer onver two layers of latex. Sleepez will do this for you. Thanks

Hi 57chevy,

Post #2 here has some thoughts about the various types of slow response latex that several manufacturers are making including Talalay GL slow response.

Post #6 here has some general feedback from people I know or have talked with who have tried it.

A forum search on Talalay GL slow response (you can just click this) will bring up more forum posts that mention it.

Perhaps most of all you could call Ken at mattresses.net who is probably has the most direct experience with it of the people i know and could tell you more of his impressions and the feedback from his customers as well.