Talalay Latex Supplier

I am looking to opening my own mattress store and I want to have my own lineup of latex mattress

Kind of build your own be style

Who is the best manufacture of Talalay Latex to buy from ?

Hi bwilk483,

Manufacturing your own mattresses for sale to the public may involve more than you are aware of (including building prototypes to burn to pass the 16 CFR 1632 and 1633 fire regulations) and this kind of advice is outside the scope of the forum but in very general terms there are only two manufacturers of Talalay latex. One of these is Latex International and the other is Radium.

While they are both high quality materials … which one is “best for you” would depend on many variables including pricing and the many other factors that are involved in putting together a successful business plan. I would start by talking with Latex International and with Latexco (who supplies Radium for those who can’t order container loads directly from Radium in Holland) to talk about the pricing and options they provide and to find out more about the different types of Talalay each of them supplies and to order some samples of each so you can decide which one (or perhaps both) you prefer to deal with.