talalay topper seam hard as a rock

I ordered a Talalay talatech king size 3" topper from brooklyn bedding and was pretty excited to sleep on it. When I unrolled it I found that it had a blue glue seam hard as a rock!! If a just casually lay my leg over the seam it hurts. At first I thought it was crazy to be like this but after some research, apparently all king talalays are glued. Ok fine.

Any recourse here? Is it supposed to be THIS hard? Is it possible to cut it apart and reglue with softer glue? Thanks!

Hi weasley8.

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Sorry to hear about the strange, painful seam in your topper. Is it running down the middle like two toppers glued together to create the kingsized topper? I’d be interested to see how it is advertised on their website.

Also, have you already reached out to Brooklyn Bedding with your concern? That’d be the first place to start. They may be able to exchange it for one with a less noticeable seam.

You could theoretically cut it using an electric meat carver (like one of those small ones used to carve turkey) and then buy a seam filler or use your preferred glue.


I’ve been thinking about the electric meat carver. Would cutting the king in half also significantly reduce motion transfer? That’s another problem I have with this topper.

How likely is the average person to succeed at cutting 28 ILD talalay with an electric meat carver? If I mess it up I can’t return it.

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Hi weasely8.

It would definitely additionally reduce the motion transfer.

We also have this Phoenix thread on cutting latex that you may find useful!


Ordered the exact same topper and have the exact same issue.

There was no mention of a seam being required for a King on the website and the blue glue is so hard it is essentially a plastic divider between the two pieces. It is shockingly bad that I assume this can’t be the correct adhesive being used.

Sent Brooklyn Bedding pictures and video. I assume they will respond after the Holidays but this might be the most disappointed I have been in a product in awhile.

Hi msnow.

Thanks for sharing your experience as well. This sounds like an alarming trend and disappointing product.


The customer service was responsive and apologetic. They weren’t sure what caused the hard seam issue but were going to investigate as it was not normal. They offered to mail me a replacement which I accepted.

Bit nervous the seam issue will repeat but hopeful as the foam feels good and has the correct labels from Talalay Global.

Will update when it arrives.

Hi msnow.

That sounds promising. Maybe there was a strange occurrence in their production line. Hoping the new one is better!


hello, am following up on this issue since there was never a post regarding whether or not this was resolved.

Any luck?

I have a SleepEZ talalay king topper with a seam too and it is also a bit disruptive. The topper is ~5 years old now and definitely bowed, so I’m looking for a replacement without a seam. So far only Saatva has confirmed their latex topper doesn’t have a seam.

Hi, I am really sorry for the slow response as life has been absolutely hectic!

The replacement arrived and it was still two Twin XL’s glued together by a blue glue that doesn’t seem ideal. There was substantially less glue than the first time though so once I had my mattress pad/protector over the top, It was still perceptible but substantially better over the previous!

Within a month this glue has broken down from my rolling over it and now I can’t really feel it at all with my body but can still find it with my hand running across the bed. It is a bit frustrating that the website wasn’t clear that all king latex toppers are glued together. Overall it’s pretty ok for what I paid and it also had the correct labels from Talalay Global but the King will have a seam and they are clearly an inch or two narrower than 76x80" so maybe not ideal if not being used on the top layer.