Talalay width

I have read on the various forums and been told by experts that talalay in large pieces such as king size mattresses will always have a seam down the middle. I am looking at a Parklane (Whistler) however I have been told by the manufacturer Parklane that the mattress is one piece. The latex supplier is apparently FXI Industrieshowever they were closed for the day when I called.
Am I missing something here or what?

Hi jege41,

To my knowledge … all Talalay latex in king size has a glue seam.

FXI supplies latex but they don’t manufacture it. They are one of the leading manufacturers of polyfoam and memory foam. I don’t know who their latex supplier/manufacturer is. Dunlop layers are available in King without a glue seam if they are poured in a continuous pour system and there are some types of Dunlop that are comparable to Talalay in terms of softness.

Of course I’m always open to learning something I didn’t know … but to my knowledge this is accurate.