Talalux - 100% Natural or blended Talalay?

Hi, I’m a newbie here. I have been gathering info on this site for about a month and have learned so much. Phoenix, Thank you so much for this wonderful website.

I have few questions. I just received a latex topper. On the packaging it’s said “Talalux”. Is it 100% Natural Talalay or blended Talalay? Would it be possible to differentiate 100% Natural Talalay from blended Talalay?

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Radium makes Vita Talalay (which is also called Talalux by Latexco which is a US distributor of Radium’s Vita Talalay).

You really won’t be able to tell a blended from a natural unless the label which identified it was still on the latex (they are put on the original 6" core). They look and feel too similar for most people without a great deal of experience to know the difference.

I have a set of samples of all the types of Talalay made by Radium for example and while I can tell the difference in the softness levels in each one of course … there is no obvious way to tell the difference between blended and 100% natural

You are really dependent on the reputation and integrity of your retailer or manufacturer.


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