Tear in latex mattress

While moving the top layer of my latex mattress, I accidentally caused a small tear on the outside. What glue/adhesive is recommended for repair?

Small tears in latex are common, even in new pieces, and generally don’t diminish performance over time. Personally, I wouldn’t have a worry about a small tear and I’d be more concerned about the potential damage I could do to the foam by introducing an adhesive that may degrade performance, Even with the use of an adhesive like what is used at a latex foam factory, you may end up creating a bit of a small firmer area where you make the repair and this could in time transmit stress to other areas of the foam.

If you do decide on making a repair, I’m sure others here on the forum would have advice on the availability of some sort of water-based latex adhesive that you could use.

Good luck!

Hi John Arbuckle,

I would agree with Jeff that small tears or rips may not be worth fixing.

If you do decide to repair it then any foam or upholstery shop would have spray glue that you could use but there are also some online sources at the end of the component list here.