Just read a review of the TempFlow mattress, as compared to Tempurpedic. A search on this site came back with 0 hits. Any information about this mattress/manufacturer?

Hi SYP3,

I am quite familiar with Tempflow and have talked with Dr Rick at quite some length. I like his designs and the memory foam he is using which is very high quality and custom poured for him to his specs. His method of encouraging airflow in a memory foam mattress is also one of the few that are legitimate (Channels in the lower layers connected to holes in the memory foam) and he actually patented this. He was also combining softer memory foam over firmer memory foam before Tempurpedic came out with a similar concept in their Cloud series. Overall I am impressed with what he is doing. His pricing is not on his site so of course this will also play a role in “value” but they are well worth consideration and compare favorably with high quality memory foam mattresses.

As an aside, he is also a supporter of the goals and objectives of this site and shares many of the same ideas as I have expressed here.

I mentioned him in the list in the Los Angeles thread under Selectabed which is another of his brands.


Many thanks! I am just getting started, I’m sure to be back for more!