TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Equivalent (Novos vs. Cirruss)


I live in Denver, CO, and I’m looking for an mattress that will be a close approximation to the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme. My budget is around $800-$1200. From what I’ve read, I’m considering the Novosbed Aria or the Cirruss Supreme-ES from MemoryFoam.com/Select Foam (are they the same company?). I’m a little concerned about Select Foam’s BBB “C” rating though. This is will also be our first memory foam style mattress, so a vendor with a good return policy is important (just in case); however, we have tried the Cloud Supreme in stores multiple times, and we have agreed it seems like a good fit for us.

Any advice in regard to those two choices or anything else that would be available in the Denver area?

Appreciate the help and this amazing resource!


Hi BedHunter,

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Denver area are listed in post #2 here.

Yes … their memory foam mattresses are listed on memoryfoam.com and their gel foam mattresses are on selectfoam.com

They are not a member of the BBB which penalizes any business which isn’t registered with them. They have one unresolved complaint there according to the records which is usually enough to downgrade a non member (I’ve seen non members lowered to an F for a single complaint in two years that they didn’t even know about).

They do have some recent customer service complaints though which mostly involve not following through on their commitments but I have talked with Matt many times and I know he has good integrity and is “good people”. They do have a free return policy (including shipping) and their mattresses use high quality materials and have good value.

Because Tempurpedic is the most popular memory foam mattress … most memory foam manufacturers will have a fairly good idea of which of their mattresses “match” the various Tempurpedic models at least in terms of feel and performance (and you can also use the specs to see how they compare in terms of the quality of materials).

I should also mention that Select foam also has gel memory foam models which are also “matched” (both in design, quality of materials, and feel) to the various Tempurpedic models for those who prefer using gel foam instead of more traditional memory foam. The main benefits of gel memory foam are that they are more thermally convective and can make some difference in temperature regulation until temperatures equalize and they can also improve the compression modulus of memory foam so it doesn’t sink in quite so far over the course of the night.

Both have good return policies with free shipping in both directions should a return be necessary.

A few other differences that may exist between them.

Select foam uses American foam manufacturers while I don’t know if the NovosBed uses American or Chinese manufactured foam (they are put together in the USA and their foam is CertiPur certified so they are certainly “safe” but I don’t know where the foam is manufactured). you could ask them this if it was important to you.

Select foam uses higher quality base foam I believe it’s 2.5 lbs vs Novosbed 2.0 lb).

Select foam has specifically tested their mattresses to “match” the feel of the Tempurpedic line while I don’t know if the “matching” done by Novosbed is by design only or if they have also been matched by “feel” and performance (of course you could ask them this as well).

In the end … you are making choices between “good and good” IMO which means that the decision between the two would be based on personal preferences (rather than better or worse) and based on the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between them that are most important to you and are part of your own personal value equation.

Either way you would be making a good choice IMO.


Hello Phoenix,

Thank you for the great advice. I really do appreciate it. It pushed us in the direction of the gel bed from Select Foam. Ordered it on the phone just now, and I received the discount from being a member.

I’ll be sure to report back how I like it.


Hi BedHunter,

Very little of what was represented to me about the Select Foam Grandis HD mattress and the return policy actually matched the experience I had in buying from Select Foam. I received a mattress with lower specs than what I ordered and am now stuck with a $700.00 freight bill from FedEx because I used what they said were “pre-paid” shipping labels that Select Foam sent me, that turned out not to have been paid for. I am very unhappy with Select Foam. If you want more details, see the post on this website called: Selectfoam.com Disappoints

Hi 25red33me8,

While I certainly understand your frustration and your experience with select Foam was not a good one (which is why I pinned your last post so it could remain on top of the forum for now) … there are some mitigating factors as well in some of your experience which in all fairness needs to be added to your information.

The mattress that you received was the only mattress that they outsourced and it was the manufacturer of this mattress that made the mistake … not Select Foam. See post #3 here.

I can also assure you that you will not be “stuck” for a $700 shipping bill.

Of course this doesn’t take away from your negative experience overall but this is also a very unusual situation which will end up costing them a great deal as they were caused serious harm by another manufacturer.


Any advice when it comes to this foundation from Ikea, the SULTAN ÅRAM?

Mattress just arrived, so I will post thoughts soon. I have some comments that might add to the SelectFoam discussion (both the positives and negatives) based on my experience thus far.


Hi BedHunter,

I’m not familiar with the Sultan Aram although it does list that it uses cardboard in it which I would tend to avoid.

I’m looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix,

Novosbeds are 100% made in the USA – including materials (foam, fabric, packaging) and assembly - under a strict Kaizen manufacturing philosophy.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting and taking the time to clarify what you are using in your mattresses. Thanks as well for spending the time on our conversation today that your mattress forum posts “inspired”.

It was good to connect with you and hear about some of the things you are doing and its clear to me that you are providing the kind of quality and value that many online customers are looking for.

It’s always great to see a manufacturer or retailer that is open and transparent about the mattresses they are selling and takes the time to help educate their customers.