Tempur-Pedic Mattress Sets on eBay

I’ve seen Tempur-pedic Contour Signature and Rhapsody mattress and foundation sets on eBay that are listed as new-in-box for hundreds less than the sets cost at the two local mattress and bed dealers. The sets are listed as having been purchased through a liquidation.

Does anyone have any experience with buying such a thing through eBay?

Also, if we were to buy a set, what is it like to unpack and setup a bed like a Tempur-pedic? I know that the (relatively) cheap foam mattresses one might buy from Costco or Sams’ Club are delivered in a cube-shaped package, which you cut open and then unfold the mattress. Is that the same general way a Tempur-pedic is packaged and delivered?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi MS,

I would be very skeptical about buying a mattress on ebay and my own thoughts would be similar to buying from a liquidation outlet which I posted in post #2 here.

A Tempurpedic would not be shipped compressed, would require truck shipping, and would be a 2 person job to carry it to the bedroom and set it up. Recourse for defects or damage that were not incurred in shipping could be problematic if you didn’t know the vendor. I would be very careful and buyer beware.

While I don’t mean to imply in any way that all ebay sellers are bad … they aren’t … but it would be very important to me at least with something as important as a mattress to be able to validate any sourcing and to validate the integrity of the vendor.


Thanks, Phoenix.