Tempur-pedic vs other memory foam

I am looking at memory foam mattress and am wondering if the Tempurpedic mattress is worth the higher price they charge. One I am looking at is the “Night Therapy Elite 13” mattress. one thing puts me off is that it is made in China. I am also looking at the Serta Trump series 10" mattress. the latter requires a box spring, and I am not sure about the first in that regard. These would both come in at under $600 whereas the Tempurpedic would come in at over $2000. That is a lot of difference. The first two carry a 10 year warranty, and the Tempurpedic is (I believe) a 25 year warranty. I am now in my 8th decade of life, and doubt that I will need a 25 year warranty. Thanks for any response.

Hi Bob H,

You can read more of my thoughts about the “value” of Tempurpedic in post #10 here and some of the other posts it links to.

The “short” version is good quality (with the exception of the new Simplicity line) but poor value.

the Night Therapy mattresses are made by Zinus and they are not an apples to apples comparison with Tempurpedic because they use low quality foam. To make a meaningful comparison with another mattress … you would need to know the quality specs of the layers in the mattress. There are hundreds of different types of memory foam and they range from low quality to high quality. The Night Therapy line uses lower quality foams. The short version of these is “low quality and not great value”.

To make a more reasonable comparison between Tempurpedic and another mattress you would need to compare mattresses that use similar quality foams. There are many of these but they generally don’t include the cheap memory foam knockoffs which you see everywhere and which take advantage of the fact that most consumers believe that all memory foam is alike in terms of quality and durability which it isn’t.

In most cases … the warranty of a mattress is meaningless because it has nothing to do with how long a mattress can be reasonably expected to last. The loss of comfort and support because of foam softening is the main reason people need to replace a mattress and warranties don’t cover this. Most warranties are meant to protect a manufacturer from a warranty claim and are used as a selling tool and have little to no relationship to how long a mattress will last for any particular person. Defects in a mattress will tend to show up early in the life of a mattress (first couple of years or less) but beyond this the best protection a consumer has in terms of knowing the durability of a mattress and how long it will keep its original feel and performance comes from knowing the quality/durability of the materials that are in it and most of the major manufacturers don’t disclose this.

There are some step by step guidelines in post #1 here which along with the links it includes will greatly improve your odds of finding and purchasing the best possible quality/value mattress.

A list of some of the best online (or on the phone) mattress retailers and manufacturers is included in post #21 here. they are all members of this site and I think highly of their ability to help “educate” their customers and help them make the best possible choices that are most suitable for their needs and preferences.

If you let me know your city or zip … I’d also be happy to let you know about some of the better manufacturers or retailers or “possibilities” I’m aware of in your area where you can actually test a mattress for your specific needs and preferences before you buy it (or to have a guideline for an online purchase).

Hope this helps and feel free to post with any questions you have along the way.


Thanks for getting back to me Phoenix. It looks like I have some investigative work to do before I buy a mattress. It amazes me that there are so many variables in memory foam. I appreciate you for taking time to do what you do.