tempur vs simmons

ok stumbled upon this site trying to decide between 2 cal king mattresses in my boyfriends opinion but really hoping that i would find a 3rd that was identical but WAY cheaper not looking promising lol! the 2 we found were the tempurpedic cloud supreme and the simmons restored spirits… i am use to a fantastic cloud like spring bed thats too soft for him and he is in love with his hard as a rock bella find tempurpedic… so those two were our compromise (i still rthink tempur felt stiffer and he liked it more since he is use to that in anyones educated opinion is one of these a better bed the price is only $300 different so not a factor when it comes to sleep. he seems to toss a lot and we go to bed at diff times so movement must be completely minimized in bed. also thinking a full size pillow top diamond mattress for my 9 yr old kid is this a good matress only $650 but not wanting to spend a years vacation on 2 mattresses thanks for any help and foam is all my n=bf wants like zero neg on that

Hi srv,

Before I considered any Tempurpedic or any Simmons mattress I would read post #1 here and the information it links to. This will give you the basic information you need before you begin mattress shopping.

A mattress is only as good as the construction and materials inside it and in both of these cases there are many better mattresses that use the same or better quality materials made by smaller or independent manufacturers that will sell for significantly less. Neither of these is good value.

As you will see … these are both on the list of mattresses that I would eliminate right at the beginning or your search :slight_smile: