Tempurpedic Adapt Hybrid vs Tempurpedic ProAdapt Hybrid

I can read the specs and know he price difference, so what would be most helpful are categories such as feel, durability, and whatever else has stood out in your experiences. Is the ProAdapt worth the price increase?
I am primarily a side sleeper, but have been getting sore hips and shoulders lately. I weigh about +/- 230.

Hi PotentialAd8895.

Unfortunately, most of the big brands tend to favor profit over quality and durability, and of course do excellent and aggressive marketing and ad campaigns. As such, they tend to be reluctant to disclose foam density in their mattresses and it is highly unlikely that their memory foam in these mattresses is 4lbs or 5 lb/cuft for higher BMIs otherwise they would not have any problem using it to their advantage (and in their marketing). In the past, they absolutely used good quality, durable foams and at that point, they had no trouble answering these types of questions when asked. It certainly makes you wonder!

As you’ve found they don’t provide the mattress information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here or to make more in-depth assessments about the likelihood of a good fit for your particular needs and preferences.

And, of course, I was unable to find that information as well. If you do come across it, I’ll happily review that with and for you!

I guess one last thing I’ll leave you with is this article on determining value when it comes to a mattress.