Tempurpedic Cloud Mattress feels too hard in morning--need a latex topper?

Thank you so much for your mattress forum site. In mid-February I bought an expensive bed complete with adjustable base after I broke my shoulder falling onto the sidewalk in NYC (and after sleeping in a recliner for months as that shoulder healed) and then had my toe operated on for hallux rigitis. My old (15 years) Sealy bed with a several year old memory foam topper was making me sore after I tried to sleep in my bed again. Unfortunately, I did not follow recommendations on your site being concerned about buying a bed online or not from a major dealer. So, going to Mattress Firm I first bought a Beauty Rest Legends Plush hybrid. After 60 days of waking up being sore (and trying different positions on my new adjustable base (which as a side sleeper I probably shouldn’t have bought! but having my head up a bit does help because I have Acid Reflux issues and it seems to stop me snoring as well) and having my feet up too, I returned my Beauty Rest bed (the base I’m stuck with) in for a Tempurpedic Cloud that was a floor model (and saved a considerable amount of money and thought it felt good and broken in). Now I am a side sleeper with some back sleeping, female, weigh 161 5’7" and sleep by myself, and found when I got a memory foam topper several years ago it helped with my sore hips and shoulders, so I thought memory foam itself would be softer and work well. Well, after sleeping on it overnight this feels as hard in the morning as did my plush Beauty Rest. I wake up sore all over including my back, hips, and shoulders. One night I woke up with my arms numb. Last night I woke up in the middle with lower back pain after putting a pillow between my legs to help there. I have had the Tempeupedic Cloud for over a month now though I often fall asleep first in my family room recliner watching tv and then go to bed for another couple of hours, and I was traveling so it isn’t like I have slept in the bed fully for a month or more nonstop. But after sleeping last night in the bed for almost 7 hours (with only my head slightly raised by the adjustable bed) and waking up in the night several times and being totally stiff and in pain in both shoulders (not just the recently fully healed one) and hips and back I am wondering what to do. I’m stuck with the bed now (I’ll be paying it off for several years). So I’m wondering if getting a latex topper 2" or 3"–which would be best–would help me with both comfort in the morning and alleviating soreness? And which of the two kinds of latex would be best? I know the Dunlap is springier but would a Talalay be better? And do you recommend Pure Green (they seem highly rated and have 30 day return without any shipping fees)? Should I get a soft or medium? I keep thinking all is too hard but maybe my problem is everything is too soft (I sound like Goldilocks). I like sleeping in rather than on the bed so to speak; I usually favor and sleep only on one side of my queen mattress (in this case the left (or right if facing from the bottom). The Tempurpedic is a little hot at times–indeed I keep a ceiling fan on over me. I am not allergic to anything but wool.

I did try one night not using the adjustable frame and just slept flat and it wasn’t any more comfortable and I seemed to wake up more (and cough and snore more—I have a sleep meister that records my sleep noises). I certainly felt as stiff. I mention this because I see in response to someone’s question you thought side sleepers shouldn’t use adjustable bed frames. Anyhow, I’m hoping you can have some advice for me–after spending $4000 for bed and frame I would like to have the bed work for me but am surprised that the tempurpedic cloud which is supposed to be softer feels so hard and uncomfortable (and I do apparently say ouch a lot in the middle of the night). I don’t want to buy a latex topper and it be yet too hard for me either.
Thank you so much for your help.

Hi JaniceS,

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I’m sorry that your Beautyrest and now your Tempurpedic mattresses haven’t worked out as well as you had hoped. Maybe I can offer some advice.

First, regarding the use of a power foundation while sleeping upon your side, some people do find is comfortable with a slight head, and even foot, elevation, but the degree to which that can be adjusted will be limited by your anatomy and flexibility.

As for your Tempurpedic Cloud (you didn’t mention which model) feeling firmer as the night goes on, this would be somewhat normal for a visco elastic memory foam product. As your body heat softens the foam throughout the night (the memory foam becomes less viscous), you will tend to sleep in a bit more and then “feel through” the memory foam and be exposed more to the comfort of the firmer polyfoam core of the mattress. This could be the reason behind the soreness you’re feeling on your hips, back and shoulders, which is common .

Using a topper can help to alleviate some of this sinking and also provide a bit or surface resilience and breathability when the topper is latex.

I personally like relatively thin layers of latex over relatively thin layers of memory foam because it can provide a more resilient and “movement friendly” surface feel and performance to the mattress while at the same time you can feel yourself more slowly sinking into the softer memory foam underneath. The latex would isolate the memory from your body heat to some extent so it would respond more slowly and/or be firmer than if you were sleeping directly on the memory foam. This can create a very interesting “feel” that some people like.

There was specifically a very popular mattress that was made a few years ago that used high quality memory foam similar to your mattress, and they included a 2" layer of 19 ILD Talalay latex as the uppermost layer within the product. By placing the latex on top there was a bit better breathability within the product on top, an increase in the “buoyancy” of the feel of the mattress, but there was still the dense memory foam feel beneath. Of course, this is a general statement about the product based upon quite a few people with whom I’ve spoken, but your thoughts are certainly not out of line and your choice of componentry would be, “at a distance”, appropriate to achieve what you’re describing. You are correct that some of the “sinking” of the “heat activation” of the memory foam will be minimized, but it will still soften a bit. Using a slightly "softer latex (let’s say in the 19-24 ILD range) will provide some extra plushness, and in the upper 20s could provide some comfort with a bit of extra surface resiliency.

Between the Dunlop and Talalay latex you mentioned, the Talalay tends to be the more “buoyant” and “springy” feeling, and for toppers overall the most popular.

Ther is more about purchasing a topper in post #2 here, and it links to posts with topper sources, including some that can be returned.

Post #2 here speaks more specifically to latex toppers.

Post #8 here talks about selecting a topper.

I hope that information is assistive to you.


Thank you. It sounds like a latex topper should help me out. I REALLY appreciate you describing how it would work regarding plushness, breathability and firmness. I am so annoyed with myself that I spent so much money on a bed (twice!) that has turned out to be uncomfortable but it sounds like it will be worth the extra couple hundred dollars to get a latex topper. I will look at those earlier posts again which I read before and make my decision. Glad to hear that the 2" soft would be best.

Hi JaniceS,

I’m glad the information I provided will be useful to you. I hope that selecting a topper will allow you to sleep more comfortably.

Good luck!