Tempurpedic Grandbed


Just went to mattress express today to check out some of the tempurpedic mattresses on the market. I found a tempurpedic grandbed that was being sold, as a floor model, for $4500. The original price was $8500, which is extremely expensive. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a good deal. I am also wondering if this is a good mattress in general. I don’t mind spending the money if it is something that will last for 25-30 years. Please let me know your thought on the mattress.


I personally would not purchase a floor model . It has been sitting there for who knows how long and has had who knows how many people laying on it. If you make the effort I bet you can talk the store down to a very similar price for a new bed.

I can’t speak about the quality of the particular Temurpedic mattress. I will leave that to Pheonix or someone else that knows more about mattresses.

I have no vested interest here. In fact all I have done is order a mattress I have not even received yet. With those caveats Select Foam has a mattress that they claim is the same as the Grandis.


Hi Antwon,

The Grand Bed uses the following layers …

2" of Tempur HD 7 lb memory foam (pillowtop)
1.2" of Tempur 5.3 lb memory foam (pillowtop)
4" of Tempur 5.3 lb memory foam
8" of polyfoam.

These are all good quality materials (except they don’t list the quality of the polyfoam but this is not as important because it’s under so much memory foam).

I would question the use or wisdom of this much memory foam in any mattress even though all the materials are high quality and the “floor model” price is still more than a roughly equivalent mattress such as the Grandis that AMG_Roadster mentioned which uses the same or better quality memory foam (although it has less memory foam overall which may be a benefit and it also has more of the higher density and more costly 8 lb gel memory foam) and has a similar feel and performance. There would also be other mattresses that use the same or better quality/density memory foams and also have a similar feel and performance.

The choice of a floor model is really a matter of your own personal criteria and preferences and aesthetics and how comfortable you are with the idea that you don’t know who has been testing your mattress over the time it was on the floor and with the idea that Tempurpedic doesn’t provide a warranty for floor models.

Expecting a 25 - 30 year lifespan for this mattress is also unrealistic and perhaps half of this would be a more realistic expectation (sometimes less or more depending on circumstances, body type, and on how much foam softening it would take before you are out of the range of comfort and support that meets your needs and preferences and which can vary from person to person).

Overall even with floor model pricing this is not what I would call good value when there are so many mattresses that would likely perform just as well for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that are much better value. The best way to evaluate a mattress is not to compare it to it’s regular price which may be highly inflated but to compare it with other mattresses which have a similar design and use similar quality materials or to other mattresses that also use other high quality materials and provide the same benefits in terms of PPP.