Tempurpedic, iComfort Savant equivalent

I’m new here. I’ve searched through the forum extensively. My wife and I have been looking for a bed for months. We are buying something today before the year is out for tax reasons. We live in Jackson, Mississippi (hot climate) and the beds here we liked best are the iComfort Savant and the Tempurpedic (softest one). I have back trouble, my arms tend to fall asleep, and I’m hot natured; I also like a very soft bed. I looked at the post #12 (https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/memory-foam-mattress-help) that had several online options. Which are the best option for the two beds I mentioned? The Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam on amazon is very attractive price wise but would it be better /wiser to buy from one of the others? Cost is not a problem, we just want something that will last a long time, not sag, is plush, not hot, etc… I also was looking at memoryfaom.com Grandis HD and rockymountainmattress.com Rendezvous 14"… What to get? HELP!


Hi lahatte,

You’ve set yourself a very difficult challenge buying a mattress in less than a day. With a purchase that important that can have a such a major effect on how you sleep and in turn how you feel for the next decade or more I’m not so sure that rushing would be a great idea … even with the tax savings.

The three manufacturers that you are looking at are all members of the site and what I would consider them to be among the best value in the country … each in their own way.

As you can see in post #2 here … there are only three ways to “match” one mattress to another.

One is with side by side testing in “real time” which of course wouldn’t be possible in this case.

The second is by matching the exact same materials and layering. This too would not be possible because it’s not likely you will find an exact match between manufacturers that use the exact same variations of materials in their mattresses. Neither Tempurpedic or Serta even disclose all the details of their mattresses that someone else could “duplicate” using only the specs of their materials in the first place.

So this leaves the third method which is a manufacturer who designs and builds a mattress that “matches” the performance and feel of another mattress, (uses similar quality materials, a similar design, and has tested them enough (either in person or through their customers) to have reasonable confidence that they are very similar both in how they feel and perform. Most manufacturers would only do this with a mattress that was very popular and widely available and wouldn’t even try to compare their mattresses with every other memory foam mattress on the market. Because Tempurpedic is the best known of the memory foam brands … most manufacturers will have a good idea of how well their mattresses match up to the Tempurpedic lineup and if they provide details about the materials you can also easily make comparisons in terms of quality and value. The iComfort is not as well known as the Tempurpedic (although it has been a huge marketing success) but some of them may also have enough personal experience to know how their mattresses match up to these as well in terms of feel and performance although the iComfort uses some very low quality materials so I wouldn’t want to duplicate that part of it.

So if you have found a major brand model that you like … I would talk to each of the three manufacturers about which of their mattresses may match up to the one you like. The odds are good though that the only one that can serve as a useful model would be the Tempurpedic lineup and they may or may not have specifically tested their mattresses against the iComfort lineup or know how they may compare.

In terms of choosing between them … your personal preferences and what is most important to you would be the best (and only) way to decide. There are too many variables and personal preferences involved for anyone to make final decisions for someone else. My role is to help people eliminate their worst choices in terms of quality and value and help them find the better ones and then to get out of the way so they can make final decisions based on their own criteria. Of course you would need to talk with each in terms of which mattress may “match” your needs and preferences and then I would compare the other bjective, subjective, and intangible factors that are involved in a mattress purchase as well to make your final decisions. You would have the comfort of knowing that you are choosing between some of the best value in the country (so making a mistake in terms of quality and value wouldn’t be an issue) but are also taking the risk of buying a mattress that you have never tried in person which means that it is important that you have the confidence that the mattress matches your needs and preferences. Your conversations with each will go a long way to help you decide which direction to go. Some of the different factors and tradeoffs that may be important to you both in terms of the mattress and the service and options offered by each manufacturers which may help you with what I call your “value equation” are listed in post #46 here.

It seems that you don’t really have “time” to do any further local testing but just for reference … some of the better options and possibilities in the Jackson, MS area (and there aren’t a lot of great choices near you) are listed in post #2 here.

So the “short version” of all of this is that you will need to talk with each of the manufacturers you are considering because they have much more detailed knowledge about their mattresses and how they may compare to others than anyone else and all of them are very open and transparent and easy to work with on the phone and you are choosing among some of the best in the country IMO.


I ended up ordering the Cirrus Luxe from memoryfaom.com since it was a replica of the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. I almost got the Grandis-SE but since I hadn’t demo’d anything like it, I felt uncomfortable buying it. Plus I weigh 220lbs and was worried about sinking too far into it throughout the night.

Hi lahatte,

Congratulations on your new mattress. It seems you made your deadline :slight_smile:

I think you were probably wise to go with the version that was closest to what you tested even though the Grandis is also a very nice mattress and uses higher density memory foam in the top layer (which may be more durable for your higher weight than the 4 lb memory foam in the Cirrus Luxe but may also be firmer). With mattresses … everything involves tradeoffs between one factor and another (in this case the comfort of a softer memory foam vs durability)…

Either way though … you certainly did well considering your time limitations and I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a while.


We finally got our mattress from memoryfoam.com/selectfoam.com yesterday, it’s horrible! HARD AS A ROCK! It’s no where close to the mattress it is suppose to be a replica of. (Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe) Only in looks. My arms fall asleep no matter how I lay on it which is worse than our old worn out mattress. I wanted a plush mattress and this was suppose to be t.he most plush… I guess the definition of plush is totally different then what I thought.

Hi lahatte,

I would give it a little time to allow your new mattress to break in.

The foam will go through an initial softening period as all memory foam does and there is also an adjustment period when people aren’t used to sleeping on memory foam (or any new sleeping surface compared to what they were used to) because memory foam responds completely differently to polyfoam but if you still feel your comfort choice is not the right one after about 30 days or so when the initial breakin and adjustment is usually complete then the good news is that you are able to return it.

Plush is very different for different people … especially when it comes to memory foam which has a feel which can vary with conditions and which different people perceive differently … but once it softens and takes on it’s longer term feel and performance then you would be in a much better position to evaluate whether it matches what you need and prefer for the longer term.

Just to eliminate any of the common factors as well that can affect how a memory foam mattress feels and responds … what type of bedding (protector sheets etc) do you have over the mattress?


At this point I’m pretty sure I was misled. It’s NOTHING like the iComfort Savant or Tempurpedic Cloud! Not even close! It feels like I’m sleeping on the floor. When you push your hand into the mattress and release, the foam immediately snaps back. It feels more like a kitchen sponge than memory foam. It definitely is no where near Tempurpedic. I’ve not been able to sleep for the last three nights. If i lay on this mattress in one position longer than 5 minutes, my arms fall asleep. It’s horrible. I understand there’s some “adjustment period” but when your circulation is totally cut off and your hands turn cold and lose all feeling, that’s dangerous. There is no adjusting to that!

I’m only using the bedding that came with it…

Hi Lahatte,

I’m going to be blunt with you because I believe your comments call for it and there is more to this story than you are posting here. Your post is one of the reasons I am not a fan of reviews because a slanted review based on mixing up personal opinion or subjective perceptions of things like comfort with fact, or posting statements that are misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete, or even exaggerations to justify your beliefs can easily be mistaken as being factual in an online environment.

I should tell you first of all that your comments concerned me enough that I called Select Foam to ask about them.

First of all I am not disputing that your description of your experience is the truth. The first point I should make here though is that there is a break in period with all good memory foam that can affect the feel and performance of the mattress significantly. This is a completely separate process than any adjustment period that someone may go through in getting used to a new sleeping surface. Both of these happen simultaneously and independently. It may be true that if the mattress remained the way it is that it may not be what you want to sleep on for the long term, but you are also aware that the breaking period of a mattress is not the same thing as “getting used to it”. A few days on a mattress is not long enough for either of these to happen … especially when you have options that may make a difference.

All new mattresses are firmer than floor models that have been on the floor for some time that can certainly account for what you are feeling. This is particularly true with the mattress you purchased (or a similar new Tempurpedic) because it has 8 lb memory foam in the comfort layers which takes longer to soften in both the Tempurpedic and Select foam. As you also know The Select Foam also has a wool fire barrier underneath the coolmax cover which they chose to use instead of more traditional fire barriers because they are higher quality, have no chemical fire retardants in them, and add to the temperature regulation of the mattress. This wool fire barrier is removable and if the mattress is firmer at first until the wool fire barrier has a chance to also break in or is affecting the firmness of the memory foam more than you are comfortable with at first then you can remove it temporarily to allow the new foam to soften before you put it back in the mattress. I would treat this as a quality “bonus” because the cost of this type of fire barrier is significantly higher than what most manufacturers of memory foam mattresses use.

The second comment I would make is that in spite of your comments … they have this mattress side by side with the equivalent Tempurpedic in their brick and mortar store and customer feedback indicates that for the large majority of people it is very close (with the wool fire barrier included) once the mattresses have broken in … in spite of the fact that on an individual basis some people may not agree (and some of these may think the Tempurpedic is softer or firmer and others will “rate” the same two mattresses the other way around because comfort is a very subjective thing). While nobody can argue that individual perceptions aren’t true for the individual involved … they may also be the exception. If you are the exception and removing the wool fire barrier doesn’t correct it in the interim and you are not willing or able to give it the time it needs… then it’s a matter of recognizing that these types of exceptions are part of the risk of all online purchases in spite of everyone’s best efforts and that even though for someone else the same choice may be “perfect” … that you have made the wrong choice for you (and a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe may have been the wrong choice as well for similar reasons). If this is the case then their return policy is part of the value of your choice and part of why a company that offers it has less risk than one which doesn’t.

This is just not correct. It is memory foam. If you were to put a video on youtube of you pushing your hand into the mattress and link it here then it would be clear to anyone who saw it that it is memory foam and not a fast response foam like latex or polyfoam. While it’s true that some types of memory foam respond more quickly than others (and this is part of the direction of the industry itself because of the complaints that some people feel “trapped” in some memory foam mattresses that are slower to respond) … it certainly isn’t the case that your mattress “immediately snaps back”.

Of all the statements you have made in your post … this is the one that more than anything else led to my longer and 'blunt" reply. This is just not rational thinking from any level. I would ask yourself why any manufacturer would mislead you or do anything but give you their best advice when they offer a free return that can lead to them losing money on a sale (by paying for shipping in both directions) if their advice or your choice turns out to be wrong … no matter what the reason behind it. This wouldn’t even be in their own self interest. Do you think a manufacturer would offer this if they wanted to mislead you and they knew that even a mistake based on your perceptions that were different from the majority of their customers could cause them to lose money? It would make no sense.

So I understand that you currently are not happy with the feel and performance of your new mattress. You have also been given some suggestions and options that may correct this (removing the wool fire sock and giving it time to break in). If none of this works for you and you are outside of the “averages” that they normally deal with … then you also have the option of returning the mattress. I don’t know of any policy for an online purchase that could be more fair or in a consumers best interest.

All online purchases have some risk attached to them if your perceptions are outside of the norm or “averages” … especially before the mattress has broken in. To condemn a company with these kind of implications when they have given you good advice and service, followed up with every inquiry you have made, given you truthful and accurate information and potential solutions, and even offer to take back the mattress at no cost if in spite of all best efforts there is no other solution, just doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

You have made an online purchase of a high quality and value mattress that for most people would be exactly what they wanted. The risk of any online purchase is that you may be the exception compared to most peoples experience or expectations for the same purchase. In this case I would be happy that you had the foresight to deal with a company that can not only give you good suggestions that make logical sense to help you make any adjustments that may be necessary during the breakin period, but will also take it back again at no cost should that become necessary.

I don’t know what could be more fair than that … or why this would be cause for the type of comments you have made.