tempurpedic specs

would you happen to know the ILD and foam rating of the tempurpedic cloud luxe mattress? The sales guy told me they use a 8 lb. memory foam. what do you think?

Hi gavincostley,

According to the Canadian website (which has more specific information on it than the US site) the ES tempur material is 4.1 lbs/cu ft, and the HD material is 7.0 lbs/cu ft … http://www.tempurpedic.ca/mattresses/cloudluxe.php

The ILD of memory foam quite misleading … particularly because it changes with heat, humidity, time, and the speed with which the measuring device is applied to the foam. Typically though the HD would be firmer than the ES at least when initially compressing the foam. Because the HD is more conforming than the ES though … some people may call it softer in terms of pressure relief when they are lying still even though it is firmer by measurement or with movement on the mattress. The general consensus is that the Tempur material (5.34 lb/cu ft) is about 14 - 15 ILD although this is certainly not official information. It would likely follow that the HD material would be higher and the ES material would be lower although this does not necessarily follow as density and ILD do not have a direct relationship to each other.

An analogy would be the “softness” of water. If you slap water … it is quite “firm” … while if you slowly move your hand into it … it is very “soft”.

The density of the base polyfoam material is 2.2 lbs/cu ft which is generally considered good quality in HD polyfoam … http://www.tempurpedic.ca/mattresses/mysticbed.php The ILD is unknown although typically a memory foam base layer would be in the range of about 28 to about 36.

NOTE: Tempurpedic now appears to be using 1.5 lb polyfoam in their base layers in at least some of their mattresses and are no longer disclosing the quality of the materials in their mattresses.