Tempurpedic support layer specs (hybrid vs foam) durability advice needed

I wanted to ask an expert for advice on the durability and support of these two base layers… I am comparing the probreeze medium vs the probreeze hybrid. I have attached the specs of each, pulled from Jordan’s. (I’m trusting this to be accurate?)

I’m trying to select one of these as an exchange from my luxe adapt soft which is not working out… it was disappointing to see that base layers are now 1.6lb polyfoam on all models…

I don’t know enough about coils to know whether the hybrid support base shown in the specs is any good.

I’m 6’ 1" 205. BMI is 26.8-27ish.

This exchange is damage control at this point; I just want to pick the better option. They feel identical to me other than the bounce. Which support layer appears like the smarter choice??? Is that a good pocketed coil system?

I can’t say I’m surprised at all that they (meaning any of the big brands) are using lower quality foams now. There are still some good manufacturers out there (mostly smaller) who still take pride in their product and it’s longevity but the big names are all about maximizing revenue and cheaper materials work very well for this purpose. I was thinking about your situation and knowing what I do from my own experiences you have a couple of different options you can explore but it really depends on what your end goal is. If you intend to try and use the bed for as long as you can, then I would pick whichever you think feels best (forget about trying to use parts later, they are cheap compared to the cost of this mattress). The probreeze mattresses do use good quality memory foam on the comfort layers (5lb is good) but they are obviously trying to save money somewhere so the base foam quality suffers as a result.

probreeze medium (base foam)

probreeze hybrid (base coil springs)

Both obviously have the same exact comfort layers with only the base being the difference. If you like the memory foam feel and don’t mind tearing into whichever one you got later you should be able to reuse the memory foam layer and the outer cover but the neither base layer is likely worth keeping. Springs may last longer before breaking down but they also look very soft and tend to make indentations into the foam (so you’d be better off adding a layer of resilient foam like latex to prevent this issue when rebuilding). If you wanted to recreate the old type Tempurpedic mattress then using something like a 3lb 35-36ILD polyfoam would likely do a very good job for you and it shouldn’t be too hard to separate the base layer since it appears to be convoluted (eggcrate) foam. You could also experiment with different base layers to provide zoning which could allow your shoulder to sink in more and help with alignment.

If you were planning on doing a DIY build right away instead and wanted to minimize the money loss from the purchase, then would trade the mattress for the non-hybrid, keep this new one in the plastic and sell it locally as “brand new, unused”. Those mattresses are big money so if someone buys it from you they will want it just like it came from the store.

If I chose the non-hybrid version and used it for a couple of years; how difficult a rebuild would it be for someone with no experience; to just change out the base for either 2.5HR foam of the same thickness, or latex support layer of the same thickness and basically just rebuild the same mattress with an enhanced core??? Will the upper layers get ruined if I go to take it apart??? Also will the hybrid version poking into the foam possibly mess up the upper layers more vs trading for the all foam version?

I guess I’m wondering if one or the other would make rebuilding w/ better core easier or more difficult. I’ve never torn one of these apart before.

Lol… again I couldn’t edit the post, I wanted to add; the egg crate layer would have to go, but what about that white layer just above it??? Is that another weak link? Wasn’t sure if that layer would separate also.