Tension headaches culminate in new sleeping-system purchase

Good evening honourable experts of the mattress underground,

I have been reading on this website for several weeks now and have been to a few shops to find a mattress following the tutorial articles & forum recommendations, but find it still difficult to make a choice. I have a bad history with my sleeping arrangement, so I am trying to keep it short. :slight_smile:

I am looking for:

a) An entire new sleeping system (mattresss + slats + frame) in queen size (or buy all things independently)
b) And a new pillow (but that is less important for now I think)

Current Problems

  1. Pressure points on shoulder creating a VERY stiff neck & upper neck
  2. Because 1, Tension headaches radiating from the neck onto back of head & face


1. Tension headaches (daily!) for 3+ years now.
Mostly caused by not sinking into the mattress & pillow being too low (side sleeping) or too high (back sleeper)

2. Impingement Syndrome for about 15months now

Got the syndrome through a stupid overhead movement. Have been going to physiotherapy, but back & neck being stiff & pressure on shoulder when side sleeping makes most of the physio undone. Will continue once I have a good sleeping system.

3. I have 9 pillows at home (none of which really works)

The best one is a really old tempur with a neckroll, but it is too low (when on side) & foam is breaking down into a soft mush

  1. Only slept on cheap IKEA mattresses or old second hand ones (so things got worse over time)

  2. I will move in 5 weeks to a new place & have to buy everything anew. Hence, have nothing I can take with except my duvet.

    Sleeping habits

    Side: 70%
    Back: 30%
    (Stomach usually only subconciously when the rest has become too painful)
    (Also, getting a sleep DNA analysis now with a accelerometer to (dis-)confirm this intuition)

    My data

    Height: 5’ 8" (173cm)
    Weight: 154lbs (70kg)
    Budget: Max. 1800€ (I may move in 1 years time, so I am unsure as to buy something too expesnvie)
    Sleeping style: Side (70%)x& back (30%)

    Mattress Preferences

    I like plushy soft mattresses. I wanna be able to sink in really nicely and feel like I am on a cloud.
    Latex & Soft PU Foam toppers/comfort layers feel great. Memory foam feels nice too if it is soft and responds quickly. Otherwise can make me feel a bit trapped.

As long as the topper forms a nice cradle on me, I have no preference for core layer as long as it is durable. Because I tend to get warm, springs might be a good idea, but I think it is not a huge problem.

Experience with retailers

Most stores around a large chains with staff that is less knowledgable about mattresses & their own equipment than me after reading on this site for 2 hours.

At a smaller and more trustworthy retailer I got the opportunity to get my so-called SleepDNA & SleepID tested by:

  1. Have an automatically adjusting slatted frame contour to my body shape & print the results for different depths for shoulder & hip regions in units of the ErgoSleep slatted frame they sell. The adjustment felt GREAT removing ALL the pressure from my problem points.
  2. Get an accelorometer to have my SleepID measured over the next 4 days (will update post here with results).

He is a minimalist and thinks it makes most sense given my neck and shoulder health problems to buy a frame like that to get the nice sinking in effect. He said that a good mattress should do something similar by letting my pointy body parts sink in, but the frame has a much greater depth as a slate can be set to 5cm lower which a lot of mattresses cannot compare to. He said I could buy the ErgoSleep frame for a single bed (~750€) and try it with my current mattress and hold off on buying a new mattress unless I really feel after a month or two that I need a better one.
I then tried 3 mattresses of 90cmx200cm because I wanted to know what else he has to offer: 1 full talalay latex from LeDorm (~1500€), 1 full gelfoam mattress from SwissFlex (900€) and a full PU-Foam mattress whose brand I forgot (500€). The SwissFlex felt the softest/most cushioning, followed by Latex, and then the PU-Foam. Did not yet get details on ILD, FoamDensity etc.

At a different shop a week before that, I tried a boxspring compination with a memoryfoam or latex topper for 1500€ and liked it too, but it is difficult to compare these systems when not immediately followed by another, so I am unsure how good it is compared to the latex mattress & ergo frame combination.



  1. Is it worth buying an expensive adjustable slatted frame if I will buy a high quality mattress anyway? I.e. won’t the sinking-in qualities of the mattress strongly reduce the influence the adjustable frame has?
  2. For my budget of about max. 1700€ what sleeping system/mattress would you recommend given my neck & shoulder issues?[/b]

What country are you in?

The Netherlands! :slight_smile:

I can’t really help you since we don’t ship overseas but you have Radium Foam in your country so I would try and find a dealer for their latex in your area. https://www.vitatalalay.com

Hi NeckPainBeGone
You can try Huesler Nest. They are our partners in Switzerland and offer vitatalalay with their bed system.
Also over the next few months we are looking to bring our beds to Europe. If that is something of interest to you, you can email us through our website and I will keep you updated on the progress.