Terra Bed Mattress Company

Hi Phoenix,
I really liked a mattress that I tried out today and the owner of the store offered me a super price, but I wanted to go home and research it before giving him a deposit. The mattress is all organic from Terra Bed Mattress. The owner said that the company is located in Massachusetts and that it is 100% latex.

I can’t exactly remember the name of the model, but it was either “Naam” or something similar/close to that. I was in a rush and didn’t ask tons of questions figuring I could go home and spend the night reading & researching on the internet…Not.

If you have any info you can share, it sure would be appreciated.


Terra Bed website: http://www.terrabed.com/

Hi Jlsgreenwich,

Terrabed is a relatively new [strike]manufacturer[/strike] retailer (since early this year I believe) and I haven’t had the chance to talk with them so I know little about them.

Like any other mattress though … knowing the details of the layers and components is the most effective way to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses that use the same or similar materials. None of the sites they list that carry them have any specific information about any of their mattresses.

They seem to be using 100% natural Dunlop with an organic cotton cover quilted with organic wool which are all good quality materials.

Do you know the layer details of the mattress you are looking at (or even how much latex overall) and the prices they usually sell for ?


Hi Phoenix,
I just called the store and have some more information. The mattress I am interested in is all Talalay and all materials are as close to 100% organic as one can get. The mattress is 9" and has top layer 2" 32ILD Talalay, core 5" 42ILD Talalay and bottom 2" is 34ILD Talalay. Entire mattress is wrapped in layer of organic wool then organic cotton. It is manufactured by World Sleep Products in North Billerica, MA.

There is a 25 yr warranty, first 13 yrs 100%, then prorated thereafter. The mattress reg price is ~$3000, and it is being offered to me for $1200. They will also comfort exchange one time for another mattress of my choosing within 90 days.

I am attaching a PDF file they sent me with more info on Terra Bed’s mattresses. They also have a call out to the manufacturer for more info to send to me. I will forward any future info to you that I receive, if pertinent.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Jlsgreenwich,

That certainly appears to be good value for a 100% natural Talalay latex mattress but of course how good would depend on the size. Is that mattress only or is there a foundation with it as well? It also seems like it could be a two sided mattress and I’d be curious if it was finished on both sides and on how they managed to find a layer that had a 2 ILD difference (I don’t know any latex manufacturers that offer layer choices that only have such a small ILD difference unless they are hand picked).

I would also be curious to know the reason for the discount because their regular prices are not great value and are either fake or if they are really their regular price then a 60% discount would make me wonder about why.

Overall though … and assuming reasonable answers to the size and other questions … it certainly appears to be a very good quality/value choice.

I would also make sure that the construction fits your needs and preferences because it is a little firmer than most people would choose in the comfort layers (but of course this would depend on body type, sleeping position, and preferences).

I think that one of the members here is familiar with them and I’ve left him a message to find out if he has any other information.

If you email me the PDF file (you can just click the contact us link at the top right of the page) then I’ll see if I can find a way to attach it to the forum. I may have to increase the allowed file size limit to accommodate it.

Thanks for sharing your research :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Thank you for your quick response. The mattress is a queen size, floor model they are looking to move out for new inventory. It is only really one sided although it can be turned over but it isn’t as finished as the top layer. The mattress does come with the box spring but was thinking I might just leave it behind and get an adjustable. It is a little on the firm side for me as I sleep only on my side but thought I could always get a topper at a later date (better to buy a little too firm than too soft, right?).

BTW, the other bed locally that is comparable is an all solid latex 34ILD from Norwalk Mattress. Current sale price for queen is $1600. It also is a queen, flippable double sided and 20 yr warranty. Any decision making suggestions on how I would compare the two and pricing?

The mattress at Norwalk that I really liked was a bit out of my price range-it was all talalay latex core wrapped in wool on top of springs but outer layer of mattress unzipped where you could put 3, 3" talalay latex pads on each side of the mattress with variable ILD according to your preference. Are you aware of any other mattresses that would offer the option to put in/change out upper layers so that you could have varying ILD’s at shoulder, back and feet?

Man - why can’t I find a deal like that!

I’d double check you get the full warranty if you’re taking the floor model.

Hi there,
I did ask that and was told I would get full warranty.
Thanks for pointing it out for me to make sure :slight_smile:

Hi Jlgreenwich,

Well it certainly seems to me that the reason for the discount is legitimate :0

In terms of quality and value (based only on materials) it would depend on the thickness of the latex at Norwalk (so I can’t really make a comparison) but it seems to me you have some very good choices available to you (and the mattress at Terrabed is certainly good value). When you are choosing between “good and good” … then it really boils down to all the different factors and tradeoffs that are part of the mattress as well as the services and options offered by each manufacturer before and after purchase.

Of course how you feel on each mattress in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) is also a significant part of its value to you. Years from now you will remember more about the quality of your sleep on the mattress you buy than you will about the price itself (although of course the relative quality and value of each is still an importat part of any buying decision). Some of the things that may be part of your “value equation” that may help you weigh the pluses and minuses of each are in post #46 here.

There are several manufacturers that offer custom zoning similar to this although it is not so common. A similar example is Comfort SS here and one of our members http://www.customsleepdesign.com/ also has a mattress which is custom zoned both for each person and side to side. They are sold locally as well as online. Interestingly enough both of these are in Connecticut (which is also where latex International makes the latex). https://www.flobeds.com/products/6499QU also has a vZone which is a similar idea. None of these are “inexpensive” mattresses though.

Hope this helps. Final decisions when all your choices are good ones can be the most difficult … but also one of the the “best” parts of all.


PS: thanks for attaching the file :slight_smile:

As I was looking at the PDF, it showed the latex as coming from Latex Green so if this is what is in your mattress then it would be Dunlop rather than Talalay. Both of course are good quality materials and it would be great value either way but they are different and 100% natural Dunlop is less costly than 100% natural Talalay.