Texas Pocket Springs - Making and designing pocket coils for over 35 years

Excited to have just joined MUG. I’m Matan from Texas Pocket Springs. For 35 years we’ve been manufacturing pocketed coil innersprings using our own patented assembly technology. My dad started by designing his own pocketed coil machines after Leggitt and Platt wouldn’t sell him a machine fearing he would start competing with them. This was 1990. His first 6 machines still run a like clock everyday, albeit at a quarter of the speed our new machines do.

Nothing we make is started with a marketing story. If it doesn’t improve an existing product we don’t bother making it. For DIY builders our pockets can be purchased exclusively on www.pocketcoilstore.com .

Glad to help anytime with pocket questions.

Here is a bit about us.

We are essentially two companies. We design pocketed coil machinery that we sell to the bedding industry and we produce pocket coil units on our machinery that we sell to the bedding industry. Historically machinery has been our focus while maintaining a small group of loyal customers who have purchased finished pocket units from us. In 2022 we made a decision to expand our own coiling operation. We built a new factory which now allows us to support a larger customer base. By the end of 2025 our new facility will be fully equipped with our newest GenE glue free assembly machines eliminating the use of any glues in our facility.

We believe less is more with a pocketed coil mattress. A well built and designed pocketed coil unit should not need multiple comfort layers on top. Too many layers prevent the pocketed coil from performing the way that it was designed to. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Texas Pocket Springs Highlights

We hold over a dozen patents on pocketed coil design and pocket coil assembly. We don’t develop products for a sales story, we develop products that improve the quality and feel of a mattress.

All units are made with our patented QuadCoil design. Two rows of coils are thermally welded together creating a pod of four coils.

  • The belt around the girth of each QuadCoil ensures that all coils are held in an upright position, eliminating leaning coils, allowing each coil to perform 100% efficiently

  • Wire standards are the highest in the industry using only high Carbon and high tensile strength wire

  • Wire is made from 97% recycled steel and is mechanically descaled rather than a chemical process

  • The fabric we use is 100% virgin with zero additives, made only on Reicofil machinery.

  • Every coil has a two-inch preload so your unit will never have a set


Thank you, Matan, for that wonderful introduction! We’re delighted to welcome you and TPS’s expertise as a Trusted Member. With your arrival, I’m sure the floodgates of questions will open, so be prepared to don those Texas-sized boots and dive right in.

Here at The Mattress Underground, we take pride in having Trusted Members like yourself and your company, who consistently deliver top-notch products and prioritize quality as a cornerstone of their business model.

So, a warm welcome to the MUG community! The MUGsters will surely be thrilled to have you here to address their queries, assist with their DIY endeavors, and I’m confident other Trusted Members will be eager to explore your product offerings too.

Wishing you all the best,


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Welcome Matan! We just joined MUG as well - excited to be a part of this community.


We are also delighted to welcome Engineered Sleep into our community at the Mattress Underground!

A heartfelt thank you to both your company and Texas Pocket Springs for joining us as our newest Trusted Members as we look forward to your contributing to the brilliance of our current Trusted Members, who are the true stars of the mattress and bedding industry.

Best of luck to both of you!

The entire staff of the Mattress UnderGround

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Welcome Davis and the ES team! You guys will be an asset to MUG. Looking forward to seeing your input.


Will your all edge and 5 + 3 zone support be on your pocketcoilstore website? I tried looking for info on those on your main site but those pages were down last I checked


pocketcoilstore.com keep sit simple and only offers standard units.