Thank You for some great posts!

Hello all,

Over the history of this forum I have tried to provide the tools for consumers to know and recognize the many choices that are available to them in both mattresses, manufacturers and retail stores. Like many more complex, difficult, and important purchases where the market can be confusing and has a wide range of knowledge, information, service, and quality available … it is a challenge to try to find a balance between technical information and practical information. Personal experience combined with accurate knowledge can play a big role in this. My goal in this has always been to provide the most accurate and detailed information possible in as much depth as anyone would possibly want (within the limits of my own ongoing learning curve) so that consumers have the ability to make more meaningful comparisons and know their options and the pros and cons of each of the many outlets and mattresses available to them and more importantly provide some context about HOW to make these choices.

Over the course of time … there have been some members here which have truly taken this information to heart. They have not only made some great choices for themselves … but they have provided information and feedback about their experiences that is neutral, accurate, specific, and does an amazing job of explaining why they made the choices they did based on what was important to them and their own personal “value equation”.

These posts are a tremendous resource and a growing part of the value of this forum and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the members here who take the time to add their own personal knowledge and experiences in a way that is so helpful to so many others who are just starting their own journey into finding their “perfect” mattress.

I am grateful that you found us and make the contributions you do :slight_smile: