Thank you!

Never read so much good information on a forum before posting before. This site is great. I’m considering the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress on Amazon from Dreamfoam Bedding. I was concerned about all this Brooklyn Bedding talk and turns out they’re the same.

I don’t quite understand ILD or whatever the acronym is but I know since we’re a king size consideration we might get split firmnesses. As a 6’1" 250lbs guy and DW being 5’10" 135lbs, we have different needs. I sleep on stomach and back. She sleeps on side and back. I need it to be firmer than her. We have a split size bed now and hate the huge dropoff between our levels and are hoping that going to a king and getting latex will help alleviate that. we like the idea of eurotop so we can swap it out if it wears down or is wrong size. I’ve been losing weight past few months and plan to lose at least 25lbs or more in future, so I do want some plushness as does she.

was looking at Essentia beds and Natura beds for that natural chemical free foam-like bed, but couldn’t stomach the costs. Wondering if people know what the major differences are and what we’re losing by going with a Dreamfoam option. Not big on breathing in chemicals for next 10 years.

thanks again for all your help!

Hi shifty1981,

ILD is just one of the measurements used to indicate the softness of a foam material. The lower the number the softer the material. If you do some testing locally on a mattress where the ILD of the layers are known … it can be very helpful in deciding on your comfort choice for an online purchase. In the absence of any specific testing you have done … then a manufacturer would tend to make suggestions based on “averages” for your height, weight, and seeping positions.

With weight differences as significant as yours. the Eurotop with the split layer makes a lot of sense and it also allows you to change the top layer if you need to for a reasonable cost. Many of the online manufacturers offer a side to side split and they can be a very effective solution for two people who have very different needs.

This would depend on the specific mattress you were comparing it to. A manufacturer is just the company that puts the different layers and components together in a mattress and puts their label on the mattress but knowing the specific layers that are inside a mattress is what makes meaningful comparisons possible.

Many of the Natura mattresses are all latex and use very good quality materials although they are typically more expensive than other manufacturers who use similar materials and have a lower cost. The Ultimate Dreams is what is called a 'latex/polyfoam hybrid" which means that it uses latex in the comfort layers (with 1.5" of quilting polyfoam on top of the latex) and polyfoam in the support layers. Post #2 here has some thoughts abut the differences between an all latex mattress and a latex/polyfoam hybrid. Dreamfoam and some of the other online manufacturers listed in post #21 here have all latex mattresses which also offer side to side splits in either the comfort layers, the support layers, or both.

For most people … using polyfoam or memory foam that has been CertiPur certified (or at the least is made by an American manufacturer) along with using latex which has an equivalent or better certification such as Oeko-Tex doesn’t present a problem with “breathing chemicals” or with “safety” but this is a very complex issue and it can involve a great deal of research to decide “how safe is safe” by your own personal criteria. There is much more information about this if it is a concern in post #2 here and the other posts and information it links to.

I would also consider some local mattress testing if that’s possible because no matter where or how you order it can be a valuable reference point. if you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of that are close to you.


Thank you for the tips. Do you know if the weight differences lead to a noticable “dip” between the two sides? We have that now and hate it.

Hi shifty1981,

Post #2 here includes my thoughts about the pros and cons of split layering. If the cover and quilting is suitable for “split layering” on the top layer or there is a top layer of foam on top of a split layer then most people wouldn’t feel the actual split itself but of course there would be a noticeable difference in each side of the mattress and for those who use the middle of their mattress more than others this difference in firmness and how far you may sink in to each side (which is the reason for the split layering in the first place) would be more noticeable. The bigger the difference between the two sides the more noticeable it would be and this may affect some people or couples more than others. There is also more about different ways to accommodate the needs and preferences of a couple who are very different in post #2 here.