Thanks For All The Information - Just Purchased New Mattress

Thank you to Phoenix, especially, and all who have contributed to this most informative forum. I’ve been researching heavily here for well over a month, and thanks to all of the extremely helpful information available, I went out to purchase a mattress far better armed with knowledge than I would have been otherwise.

Last evening, after a great deal of “on bed” research and comparison, I finally came to what I feel was the best possible option for me. I traveled a bit over an hour to Mattress To Go, in Shelby Township, Michigan, and my experience there could not have been more positive. Jeff is a really great guy, with incredible knowledge of the world of mattresses as his many videos attest. I would highly recommend to anyone checking those out before considering a new mattress purchase! I would also strongly recommend to anyone even remotely within traveling distance to make the trip to Mattress To Go. I could not possibly have had a better buying experience. It’s very clear to me why he is a member of this site, and has such an outstanding reputation. His knowledge, selection and prices are all anyone could ask for.

All in all, I spent over two and a half hours making sure I made the right choice. After a number of initial options that I tried out, I soon had the options down to two, a Pure Latex Bliss, all latex mattress, and the Exceptional Touch Chauncey. After going back and forth a seemingly endless number of times, comparing each to the other, I finally decided on the Chauncey. While I loved many things about the Natural Bliss, and it was a wonderfully comfortable bed, I am a confirmed side sleeper, and the “bounciness” factor was just a bit too much. I kept feeling as though I had to force myself to remain completely still to avoid rolling left or right. In the end, the Exceptional Touch was, as Goldilocks once said “just right”.

I’m eagerly awaiting the shipment and arrival of the mattress, and picking it up and taking it home to sleep on. I promise to give a report back on my sleeping experience with my new Exceptional Touch bed. Thanks again, Phoenix, for providing me with the fundamental knowledge to allow me to make what I feel was the truly best choice.


Hi Slapshot,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experiences with Jeff and Matt-To-Go.

As you know I share your thoughts about his knowledge, experience, and the service he provides his customers … and it sounds like you made a great and “well researched” choice.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received it.