Thanks for Knowledge / Mattress Makers San Diego

First I wanted to say “thank you” for the wealth of knowledge contained in your website/forum. Ill make this post for others reference, to add the database, but mostly for those in San Diego.

Quick background: Coming from a Tempurpedic, not sure exact model, that I originally bought on a military base while stationed in Japan. Didnt want to collect a lot of furniture and placed the mattress on the floor. Japan being humid as it is the underside of the mattress developed some mold and I removed the cover. I bought a mattress protector in its place that was too “plastic-ee” and ended up removing it. 6 years later body oils have destroyed the foam and the mattress it no longer comfortable.Live and learn, not a cheap lesson, but thats what life gave me.

Present: I started researching mattresses some months ago and never really follow through. Having some time off from work lately gave me the the opportunity to actually get out there and try a couple different stores. I first tried Mattress Makers and then Real Deal Mattress, both located in San Diego.

Real Deal Mattress: The place is done up to be inviting, faux waterfalls, moody lighting, etc. Much larger selection. The owner JD is a bro, if you dont know the personality please refer to Google. He wasnt pushy just the type that really makes it seem he knows his stuff and is a bit boisterous about it. Just relax… bro. The latex and latex hybrid I tried here werent anywhere near what I experience at Mattress Makers. The straight latex was Talalay and only 6 inches, it was a Pure Latex Bliss model. The hybrid was only 2 inches of Talalay and then pocketed springs, cant recall the brand. Both were priced for me at $1799 + shipping @ $90.

Mattress Makers: Obscure location, a commercial park I suppose its called… Very small “showroom” but it has everything you need. Primarily latex/hybrid latex. Pablo and his brother Sam run the place and I dealt with Pablo on both occasions. Great guy, knows his stuff, and wasnt a typical salesman, not pushy AT ALL.

Both the straight latex and hybrids were great. I found I like a firmer mattress. When I brought my wife along she didnt much like the hybrid and we debated between firm/medium. The firm took the cake and whats more is that it was on sale as a floor model as they are currently updating that model to match the rest with a newer cover thats 100% organic as opposed to 75% or something absurd. I dont mind if its not 100% organic, as long as the wool/cotton topper is nice. This is, of course, to meet the picky needs to some consumers.

So the mattress is:
“Solana Firm”
Cotton/wool topped cover
3" Dunlop Comfort
6" Dunlop Support
w/ NaturePedic Protector (took their word on this one, seemed nice. Cloth-like, not “pastic-ee”.
I asked the ILD Rating out of curiosity, Pablo informed me its ~36. I honestly lay on my floor sometimes while watching TV because I like the firmness.
Floor model (50% off) came out to $1200 although I would have been willing to pay full price any day of the week.
Free shipping over $600 or so is a plus

I had gone to Mattress Makers first because it had great reviews, although fewer than most places, and their product “seemed like” it was quality. As far as I can tell after the actual visit/experience I made no mistake and didnt even need to look elsewhere. Only to be fair I had gone to Real Deal.

Thanks again Phoenix for providing such a great website. If anyone I know is ever looking for insight to the world of mattress I know where to direct them!

Hi CalTech,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and feedback in such detail … I appreciate it.

You certainly did some good research and ended up making a great quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to any updates you have the chance to share once you’ve received your new mattress and had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.

Thanks also for the kind comments … I appreciate them as well!


I have been watching their YouTube videos and they seem legit. I got on their website and looked at the mattresess. They sell online, yet ai

  • could not find information about how/if they ship out of state so I emailed them. Just got a reply that they ship for $199. Again, they seem legit, yet I hesitate ordering anything from them. You’d think the answer would be in FAQ.

Hi gregtames,

Just wanted to chime in here to attest that Mattress Makers is indeed ‘legit’. They are veteran Trusted Members of the site for nearly a decade, and the owners’ family has several generations of mattress manufacture and retail mattress sales experience behind them. The lack of detailed shipping info on their site is more due to the need for small companies to be ‘limber’ as shipping costs rise and also allows them to communicate directly with customers on their ability and costs to ship outside of California. You can be assured they are a reputable, honest company to deal with.

~ Basilio

I discovered they were members since my initial post and have been communicating with them. Thank you for your reassuring comments.

Hi gregtames,

No worries! I wish you success on your ongoing mattress journey!

~ Basilio