Thanks for your patience!

The site has been offline for almost 12 hours while I worked on some software upgrades and after a few glitches they are now complete.

If any of you notice any bugs … I would appreciate it if you let me know in this thread and hopefully I can fix them.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix,
I am not sure if this is a bug but I clicked on quick reply and by the time I had finished writing it said my session had timed out. I read another post by a gal and she had the same thing happen. Could it be the quick reply is for short comments? I lost all I had written and just decided not to re write my thoughts as I am a slower typist. Thank you for all you do! Sunshinegirl

Hi Sunshinegirl,

This isn’t a “bug” but it can and certainly does happen with almost any forum software. I can’t tell you how many times I have made lengthy replies on many forums over the years only to have them disappear when you click submit.

What happens is that when you log in it starts a forum session which is timed and set for 30 minutes and if you become inactive for longer than or if you temporarily lose internet access when the session is due to expire it will log you out for security and performance reasons. This normally doesn’t happen when you are creating a post and usually your session is renewed when the software recognizes that you have a reply window open but sometimes when the time comes for the session to renew and if you are temporarily disconnected from the internet for various reasons it doesn’t recognize that you are preparing a reply.

Murphy’s law usually holds true here and it’s always the longest and “best” posts where it happens (usually because the time frame is longer and there is more chance for a temporary disconnection).

The “fix” is to remember to always highlight and copy a post before you click submit on any forum so if you have been logged out you haven’t lost hours of work and effort because you can just log in again and click paste.

Thanks for letting me know though … you never know when something is a “bug” or something that is more “normal” … even though I know how frustrating it is :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix, I will remember your tip so it doesn’t happen again. Your right, its always your best thoughts that are lost! Errrrrr Thanks again, Sunshinegirl