I want to stop posting and take a moment to thank the creator(s) and maintainers of this website and all the people who have contributed to it. This is a real deal site. There are now websites, as you may know, that are popping up like this one but are “paid for” which means the posts may or may not be the real deal. I hope that we can get this site to pop up earlier on Google and other search engines so people don’t get defrauded by those “other” mattress help websites and can come her first rather then later. Again, “Thank you.”

I also would like to thank everyone involved with this site. This site has made me a more educated consumer. I finally feel like i’m not going to get “ripped off” on our mattress purchase.

For the curious, we’ve decided to go with the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress (Level 4). Working with Chuck, to figure out our comfort level, was so easy.

And to Phoenix… you are a mattress genius.

Thanks again!

Hi scottcim,

Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a chance to give us a report when you have slept on your mattress for a few days.

You made a great choice IMO :slight_smile: