The Healthy Back's "Pristine" Model

Well, our Queen size Pure Latex Bliss – “Pristine” - mattress from the Healthy Back store was just delivered today. It was a “Heavy” haul up to the bedroom and with the help from our strong son we made it. (180Lbs.) Thanks to the extremely helpful information I been reading in this really fine website, I think we made the right decision. It feels GREAT.

I and wife are back and side sleepers, about 165lbs and 5’8". (65yrs young.)

I was able to test out the “Beautiful” model at a Sleepy’s store in southern New Hampshire. Sleepy’s is closing out the Pure Latex Bliss line, as I was told, “We can’t sell enough of them”, “People want to pay $1k or $2K for a mattress”. The Beautiful model felt great and I was ready to buy the floor model, but while searching the Web, I found a close out of the “Pristine” for about the same price. ($1199 + 150 shipping). The story gets better.

I think someone ran a fork lift into our original “floor model” bed while loading it as we got a call saying that we will be sending you a new mattress, in place of the “floor model”. The NEW mattress was packed well, but it also had a rip in the bottom cardboard outer shell made by a fork lift tang. It did not pierce the plastic wrap, so I took delivery. I want to say that (IMO) the Healthy Back Store is a fine company with No Problems to report, so far. Every person I talked with was knowledgeable, helpful and it was a pleasure to do business with them, even on weekends.

I will report back after a few weeks about the comfort level and performance of this bed.

The only question I never got fully answered was concerning the construction of this bed. I mean: The product description reads that it is comprised of THREE layers of LATEX.

However, the diagram supplied at the Healthy Back Website shows a different construction. Two 6" parts, with the top using the Celsion material.

See Deminsions tab (Can’t get link to work properly)

Any insight – Any other owners opinions. Much appreciated.



Hi Fred,

What a GREAT story. I had a smile on my face all the way through :slight_smile: I wish everyone “stumbled” into the type of bargain that seemed to fall into your lap!

I agree with you about the people I have talked with at Healthy Back. They have been great in my conversations with them as well.

I also thought that Sleepy’s had long ago stopped selling the PLB and I didn’t realize that any of their outlets still had any. Thanks for sharing that and I’ll have to make sure I let people know to check.

The Pristine is the new model called Worlds Best Bed that PLB recently introduced and I have yet to track down the specs. It appears to be similar if not identical to the Beautiful which has the following specs (except the bottom inch stabilization layer is also talalay latex). I also believe that it is all natural talalay rather than the blended Talalay as well (except for the top layer which would be Celsion) which means that the ILD’s would be slightly different but very similar. When I find out the specs I’ll add them here if they are any different from the Beautiful.

What a great buy … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Specifications Beautiful

Latex BLISS uses 450-480 Gram Weight fabric
Latex BLISS Milliken's Paladin Fire Resistant Barrier
3" Natural Talalay Latex 19 ILD
2" Natural Talalay Latex 24 ILD
6" Natural Talalay Latex 36 ILD
1" Support Stabilization Base Foam 1.8oz

While registering our new mattress with Latex International I learned the specifications of the “Pristine” model from a customer support specialist. Specs are as follows:

Cover = Really really nice plush material, shame to put a mattress protector on it.(My spec)

Latex BLISS Milliken’s Paladin Fire Resistant Barrier

Top Layer = 3" 15 ILD Talalay w/ Celsion

Second Layer = 3" 24 ILD Talalay 100% Natural (Talatech)

Bottom Layer = 6" 36 ILD Talalay 100% Natural (Talatech)

Mattress tag states 90% pure Talalay latex, 10% Polyurethane foam

After three nights sleeping on this mattress, I’m relieved to report that each time was Excellent.
Furthermore, I think there might just be something to this Celsion technology as I rapidly get to just the perfect sleep/cozy temperature. I didn’t take a thermometer to bed with me, but my body temperature felt just perfect and I can only remember a few times feeling that way on the old conventional Simmon’s mattress. I was told that Celsion is a “phase change” material, made by BASF, and it is mixed into the top layer of Latex. At first I thought this might just be a “Gimmick”, but after sleeping on other mattress and a few memory foam types, I’m pretty sure there IS a difference. I will continue to monitor this and report back after several weeks. I will say for sure, today, "The “Pristine” is NOT a HOT sleeping mattress.

One last thing, The expensive mattress protector (Dri-Tec) is NOT a good choice for this or maybe any latex bed. After putting it on last night, I’m on my way to return it today. (Wish me luck) It ruins the comfort of the latex by preventing it from conforming to your body curves. It made the bed like sleeping on the tight material they stretch over a trampoline. No give, whatsoever. I guess its the rubberized backing that causes this feeling. Might make it waterproof, but — It’s gone. ----

Hi dobbsie,

Thanks so much for doing the research on the specs and I’ll add it to my spec list. I had called them (PLB) for the specs but wasn’t able to reach a CSR so I appreciate you posting this :slight_smile:

While talalay is the “coolest” of the foams … for those who tend to sleep hot on even more breathable foams the Celsion is a great choice IMO and the phase change ingredients work well. Latex International tends to make materials that gave real benefits and the PLB (or Healthy Back) models tend to use layering that takes advantage of the qualities of the materials they use.

I’m curious about your law tag though. It appears that there is no poly in your mattress and that the 1" stabilization layer has been added to the second layer (for a total of 12") but the law tag still seems to reflect the old poly layer on the bottom. I’ll have to track down which is correct and if there’s a layer missing in the specs. Either way it wouldn’t be an issue for me having an inch of polyfoam at the very bottom.

Thanks too for the feedback on the Dri-Tec protector. As you mentioned … a protector that is either too thick or that creates a “drum effect” on the top of the mattress can have a big “negative” effect on the feel of the latex below it. This is especially true with soft latex such as the Celsion.

Your mattress sounds great … and I’m still in awe (and laughing) at the series of events that led to it :slight_smile:

I think you’ll enjoy it for a long time to come.


Our new Latex bed saga continues.

Update: Southern New Hampshire - Spring 2012

After applying MUCH - MUCH pressure :angry: to Sleepy’s and working up the chain of

command/decision making, I was able to get a full refund for the Dri-Tec mattress

protector.:slight_smile: This was NOT easy and should not be tired by the average easily discouraged

consumer, but it CAN be done if you are persistant enough. Yes, I understand their

point of view as not being able to resell a mattress protector and this fact is buried

in the fine print on the bottom back page of the sales slip. However, I believe their

product is such a POOR choice for ANY latex mattress that the salesman should warn the

consumer - up front. It made our plush Latex mattress feel like we were sleeping on a

large Bongo drum. At first Sleepy’s said “Wash it, it will feel better”, to which I

replyed, “Washing, I don’t believe no stinking washing”. Finally, Sleepy’s said, "Keep

it", when I offered to return it to the store. However, I will donate it with our old

mattress, when we finally confirm that the local GoodWill store will pick up our old


I wonder why Sleepy’s doesn’t use mattress protectors on the showroom floor models?

Is the Sleepy’s mattress protector similar to a New Car Dealer’s "Rustproofing/Fabric

Protection", they try to add into your new vehicle?

Could some Latex mattress owners be compromising their mattress by using the wrong

protector? The customer service rep at Latex International, advised me to not use one

that fit too tight around the circumference as it would change the mattress feel.

Finally, between the Sleepy’s clearance stores in Nashua and Manchester NH, you can

still find every Latex Bliss mattress in a floor model. I was ready to buy the

“Beautiful” model, it felt super, was clean and, after all, nobody slept on it

overnight. You can inspect them very closely and after getting the sales pitch/price,

name your own price. They will not let you “walk out” if you make any “reasonable”

offer. However, be DAM SURE, you like the mattress. It will be easier for you to

resolve the Iran crisis than to return the mattress.

Hi dobbsie,

Your story just gets better and better :slight_smile:

I think you’re on to something as well about testing mattress protectors in the store. They certainly can change the feel of a latex mattress … particularly if they are as tight (or bongo drum like) as yours apparently was and they are on top of soft latex … or soft memory foam for that matter.

It seems like you’ve once again done the impossible.

I hope that more people read this and have a chance to try out the PLB mattresses at some of the Sleepy’s outlets that have them. As you say … they need to be tested out to make sure they are suitable for each person but if they are it seems like there are some good buys available while they last.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences. We should put you to work in solving some of the bigger issues around the world … you seem to have the knack :slight_smile:


Hi Fred do you find you have back support with the pristine mattress? (3" 15 ILD, 3" 24 ILD) That is a lot of soft latex. Thanks Tim.

Back support?

It seems to be just firm enough for myself and wife. The numb feeling at various pressure points from the old Simmons have disappeared and no matter what position you choose for sleeping the Latex conforms perfectly to your shape. I’m 165lbs and mostly a back and side sleeper. I don’t sink too deeply into the mattress, at least it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like the Latex is pushing up into the curves of my body just enough to support. The mattress is less than 30 days old and has not been rotated yet. The Latex feels a tad firmer than the “Beautiful” floor model that we tried before choosing the “Pristine”. However, that “Beautiful” model could have been “Broken In” more, but I have no way of knowing. When you sit on the side of this mattress it compresses quite a bit, more that the old inner-spring, but not as much as other Latex mattresses I have tried in stores. I think this combination of top layers must provide “just enough” support for our weight as it is distributed across the top. Time will tell if it holds up.

A “Phase Change” material is mixed into the Latex to make the top layer their Celsion brand. That may do something to the ILD rating, I just don’t know. I do know it helps to get you to a very cozy sleep temperature, fast, every night so far. It is suppose to “open” up the cells when you get too hot and “close” them when you get too cold. It took a whole lot longer to get to that cozy temp on the old mattress, if you got there at all.

The best advice I can give you is to try out and try out and try out your final selection. Lay on it in the store until they close up and turn off the lights. It’s the ONLY way to be sure.:wink:

If you do go with Latex, be careful what mattress protector you put on your new mattress. The Dri-Tec model from Sleepys will completely change the feel. We are still searching for a protector that is “Specifically” designed for soft Latex. Today we use a 10 year old worn out model that is so thin it’s like a piece of tissue. When and if we find a good one, I’ll post the brand that works for us, as we are being very cautious, I learned the hard way, it is next to impossible to return them.

It’s a BITCH when you do mattress shopping every Ten years.:frowning:
You forget SO MUCH, and if you walk into the wrong mattress store - your Shark Bait.
Thank goodness this great site. :slight_smile:

I have now slept 50 days on the Pure Latex Bliss “Pristine” latex mattress and think it’s time to share my “short term” findings/opinion.

“This is one AWSOME mattress!” :slight_smile: I have not had ONE night of uncomfortable sleep. (Except for that night we tried the Dri-Tec mattress protector:( ) There are no pressure points in any sleeping position, it conforms to your body shape instantly and feels just perfect to my 165lb body weight. It’s like the Latex is pushing on your body, but you don’t feel any pressure of the pushing. (A lovely feeling) I have not awakened to any back or other body pain in the morning, due to the mattress being either too soft or too hard.

The Celsion material mixed into the top layer of the Latex continues to perform just like the manufacture states in their literature. In the winter months with the proper blanket it gets you to the perfect cozy sleeping temperature quickly and you wake in the morning at that same temperature. At first, I was worried that this might be a “Gimmick”, but it is not, it works for me. How will it do in the summer months? I’ll report back later.

I’m happy with the performance of this mattress and the purchase process from the Healthy Back store.

The last thing that we need to find is a LATEX compatible mattress protector. Choose this piece carefully – or you could feel like the villain did in the Grail Knight scene of, “Indiana Jones Last Crusade” movie. “But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you”.


Amherst, NH

Hi dobbsie,

I love your updates and they always put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your ongoing feedback and your humor.

If waterproof is not an issue … a cotton mattress protector like this may work very well for you. It’s breathable, comfortable, and most important … triple knit and stretchy.


Hi Fred…great posts!

I have a question…is this from ?

Is the this a Pure Latex Bliss mattress or another brand.

Also, it looked like you purchased your bed for just over $1000…was this for queen…I was on the site and it looked like it was 2800? Am I on the wrong site?

Also, if this is a PLB but with another name do you know which name in PLB = this brand?

appreciate all your sharing!

Yes, I purchased the bed online from (you added a ‘s’)

I purchased a “FLOOR MODEL” that I found in the “CLEARENCE” section on their home screen page.

1350 + change. ( delivered)

However due to some problem on their part, they had to ship me a NEW one.

I was lucky this time - unlike MOST of my other purchases, cars, appliances etc.

Good Luck with your search.

Hi dobbsie
{ Its like the latex is pushing on you body but you don’t feel any pressure of the pushing}

Fred how can you feel the pushing on your body but no pressure? Is there much sink in to the mattress?
Thanks for your insight.   Tim

That’s a good question. I recently purchased a latex bed and found the pushback to the lumbar area, combined with the sinking of the hips into the soft latex, to result in near agonizing pain to my lower back – and I have never experienced lower back pain issues before. I started to experience some numbness in my legs as well.

The bed may be too soft for my body weight, or I may just be one of those people who do not like latex. The problem is you never really can tell how you’re going to react until after sleeping on it. A good return/exchange policy is key when you’re shelling out thousands for a bed.

Hi dudley9007,

While I’m not Dobbsie, there is more about what people call “pushback” in post #2 here and in Post #2 here.

For those who like the more even weight distribution and that their lumbar curve is more supported along with liking the greater resilience of latex … they will describe it like “sleeping on a cloud”. For those who are more used to less support under the lumbar curve or who are more used to the feeling of sleeping on a mattress where more of the weight is being supported by the hips and pelvis … the greater pressure under the lumbar curve may be uncomfortable either until they get used to it or in some cases they may never like it at all.