The Mattress Underground's Logo

I was excited when I finally found an image that expressed perfectly what we were about.

Our logo is made up of two components. The three interlocked rings are called Borromean rings that are unique in that if you remove any one of the rings they all become disconnected and fall apart. We thought this was perfect as for us the rings represent consumers, retailers and manufacturers who are interconnected. If you remove any one of these the whole structure falls apart.

The strip inside the rings is called a Mobius Strip. This is also unique because a mobius strip has only one side even though it looks like it has two. If you take a strip of paper and give it a half twist and then tape the ends together you have a Mobius Strip. If you then take a pen and start drawing a line along the strip, the line will end up on both sides and come back to where you started. This for us represents that all 3 parts of the industry are actually on the same side.

Finally, the theme of 3’s represents the 3 basic principles that are the foundation of The Mattress Underground. These are Knowledge, Service, and Value.

By bringing together those who share these values, we intend to change the industry and the Logo is a graphic representation of exactly that.