The Serta iComfort mattress ... what's the buzz

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That’s very true but there are also dozens of independent smaller manufacturers that sell through better sleep shops that do provide the details of the materials that are in their mattresses and also have much better quality and value and are much more transparent than Serta. Almost every area of the country has these available if you research the retailers along the lines of this article before you begin the process of choosing a mattress. Following the steps outlined in this post will greatly improve the odds of ending up with a much higher quality/value mattress no matter which area of the country you live in and whether or not there is a local manufacturer close to you.

This is actually not accurate and a mattress is exactly as good as the sum of its parts and construction. This also has nothing to do with the suitability of any mattresses for the needs and preferences of each person because it is also true that low quality materials can be just as “comfortable” as higher quality materials … they just won’t last as long. There are also many factors that control the durability of a mattress (that you can read about in post #2 here). As you can see … the same mattress will last for different lengths of time for different people but this doesn’t change that the quality and value of a mattress is much more definable than the mainstream industry would want you to believe. Even low quality materials (just like particle board furniture) can last longer for different people and may even be suitable for a particular use or budget but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still poor value and that choosing a different mattress that used the same lower quality materials (or better) at a lower price and that was just as suitable for the needs and preferences of a particular individual would still be better value.

Again … these are not apples to apples comparisons and I consider both to be relatively poor value. They don’t use the same materials and the Novaform should be selling for lower prices. I wouldn’t purchase either of them and there are better quality/value choices available in both budget ranges. All you have to do is make apples to apples comparisons between either of them and other mattresses that use similar materials and layering.

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If a retailer is “confusing” the Serta 10" mattress you are mentioning with an iComfort (or claiming they are the same) then they don’t deserve to have the business of an educated consumer (or any consumer for that matter). Like all manufacturers … Serta makes many different mattresses but any of them can be evaluated by following the guidelines of this site and knowing the details of the layers that are in them. For example … you will see an 8" Serta memory foam mattress here that uses 2" of 2.5 lb memory foam and 1.5 lb polyfoam as a base layer which is the lowest quality memory foam you will find anywhere and the base layer is also cheap base foam and yet its selling for $799 queen. It should be substantially less and is directly comparable in quality terms to some of the cheapest memory foam mattresses available. You can see my comments about the Serta Roma you are referring to in post #3 here.

If a mattress is an iComfort … it will say iComfort and the details of the layering of the iComfort lineup are known (you can see an analysis of all of them all in post #11 here).