The Serta iComfort mattress ... what's the buzz

Hi msanchez,

Healthy Foundations offer only one mattress and there are some things I would want to know before I considered them.

The guidelines I use for a memory foam mattress are here. Healthy Foundations doesn’t say whether their memory foam is CertiPur certified but they do say it’s made in North America which is the minimum alternative I would consider. I would ask them however if their foam was CertiPur certified (NOTE ADDED: They are now on the CertiPur list and they now list their specs which are within the guidelines I would suggest using)

They meet the other qualifications that are listed.

So they meet the criteria and In terms of “value” they are certainly reasonable. I wouldn’t put them in the “best value” category though compared to some of the other options that are available to you in post #12 here.

The other difficulty I would have is that they only sell one mattress and while it has a similar construction and quality/density of materials to the old Tempur Cloud Supreme (and Cloud Supreme Breeze) in terms of foam density and layering … they say it has a different feel and performance. Before I purchased a mattress online I would want to know a little more about whether it was likely to be suitable for my personal needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) because there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” mattress (which they themselves acknowledge). They suggest to read the reviews to get a sense of how it feels but this is both misleading and confusing because a mattress can feel very different to different people and their reviews don’t include the body type and sleeping position of the people who bought them and include many conflicting opinions about how the mattress feels (which is typical for reviews which you can read about here). Different body types, sleeping positions, preferences, and sensitivities means that each person can perceive the same mattress very differently (which is clear from the reviews).

Without being able to test a mattress with an online purchase I would want to improve the odds that a mattress was suitable for my needs and preferences and I would have some difficulty with an online retailer who only sold one mattress (and presumably would suggest that anyone try it) and didn’t have the ability to match different models to different people or at least indicate which mattress it may approximate unless I was confident it was a good “match” for me. Outside of their trial offer … they don’t have a way to “match” different people to a mattress. Of course they do offer a return if it doesn’t work which is a good thing and reduces the risk of any online purchase but I would be much more inclined to increase the odds of making the most suitable choice possible in the first place.

So overall they are a better choice than most of the mainstream mattresses that are available in terms of quality/value but I would personally prefer a retailer or manufacturer with a little better selection and a little better overall “value”.

Some of the better options and possibilities in the Atlanta area are listed in post #2 here and I would certainly do some local testing on some good quality and value mattresses where you know the layering so that at the very least you have some reference points and at best you test a mattress that is exactly what you want and matches your “personal value equation”.