The World's First Smart Bed

Hello everyone,

We have the world’s first smart bed. We’re planning to launch it in December of this year.

Hi jsaunders7329,

Unfortunately I had to remove most of the content of your post because the forum rules don’t allow for self promotional posts, links to your own website, or advertising content.

I normally delete these types of promotional posts but in your case I did leave the basic information in your post because the mattress you plan to launch is interesting and unique and for those that are interested in more information they can find your website in a search engine and read the more detailed information there.


Just looked it up – now THAT is a feature-packed bed…

Thank you for letting me know Phoenix. I revised our original post to be more informative, without violating your terms and conditions.

Hi Balluga,

Any post at all that is designed to promote or “advertise” a mattress is outside of the rules of the forum so normally I wouldn’t allow a manufacturer to post any information at all about a new launch or about any of their mattresses unless it was as a direct response to a specific question from one of the forum members.

I edited your post once again because the parts you added were still “promotional” (advertising) but even though any post from a manufacturer that was “introducing” a new mattress would normally be against the rules of the forum … I decided to bend the rules a little and allow the most basic information to remain because your mattress is unusual and interesting (and partly because it is based in the UK which is outside of the market that the forum normally includes) so that any of the members here that are interested in more information about it then can search for and read the information on your site rather than in the forum.

I have also locked the topic so it doesn’t start generating further discussion based on a post that was an “exception” and really shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place.