Is the Natural bed store in Lincoln Nebraska a good place to order a mattress from?

Hi orderskaren,

This would depend entirely on your own “value equation” and on the relative value of the mattress you were considering compared to other similar mattresses that are available in your area.

I can tell you that the mattresses that land and Sky makes use very good quality materials and that in my conversations with them they were knowledgeable about the mattresses they made and sold so I would think highly of them as an outlet based on my conversations. I can also say though that similar mattresses are available from other sources at a much lower cost and I would question the relative value of their mattresses compared to others that are similar.

So it would really depend on the combination of factors that were most important to you including price, service, and the ability to test a mattress locally that you could know for certain that it “fit” your needs and preferences and on what else was available to you that was similar either locally or online (if you are comfortable with the increased risk vs local testing).

In case you haven’t seen it … some of the other options in the Lincoln area are in post #2 here and a search on land and sky (you can just click this) will bring up more comments about them as well.

So I would certainly choose them over the majority of mattresses that were sold by mainstream outlets or major brands in terms of quality and value. In this forum though … you have many more options and value choices available to you that most people would never know about so for me there would need to be a compelling reason to pay this high a premium over similar mattresses that were available elsewhere.

Hope this helps.