TheraLuxe HD Question

[color=black]The TheraLuxe HD list the following
TheraLuxe QLX® HD all-Quantum pocketed spring unit, 17 gauge steel. Isn’t that awful thin coils for a mattress that advertises a heavy duty build quality and longer durability?

I do see that it says double tempered which does not seem to be common for pocket coils but it is thinner than other mattresses I have seen and I was just curious about it.


No, this is actually a very strong innerspring unit. You’re looking only at once aspect of the spring unit (gauge). You need to take into account other things such as design, precompression, geometry, coils, joining method, profile, etc. This gauge is necessary to have the unit function appropriately with point elasticity and also support. If you made this same spring unit at something like 13 gauge, it would feel like a cinder block and be a very poor product.

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