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I just came across a unique mattress design from Germany which is unlike any I’ve seen with a mechanical support system under Swiss foam. It’s called the Thevo Relief mattress and has some worldwide patents for its design. I’m curious to know if anyone here has any experience with it or thoughts on it. I see it available online from Sam’s Club which has an excellent return policy making it possible to try it out risk free. TIA! Just found their newer US website.

Hey Sweet Dreams:

I’ve looked at these at market, as Thomashilfen has started offering their products in the USA. They are a unique design with a very different feel. There is an integrated support system built into the base of the mattress using carbon fiber, reinforced plastic “paddles” that articulate and a cushioning materials in their “shock absorbing” system that are arranged in different zones with different levels of resistance, depending upon which mattress in their lineup they are producing and a person’s weight/needs (more resistance for Parkinson’s patients, for example, to aid in repositioning). There are more offerings in Germany than in North America.

The foam used is an engineered polyfoam (I’m unsure of the density) that they call ”Swiss Foam” that has relief cuts made into it as well as holes for breathability as well as zoning. This allows the foam on top of the integrated support system to contour a bit better and provide different levels of firmness in different zones. Everything is then wrapped in a finished zippered covering.

Thomashilfen as a company has been around in Germany for around 60 years, and in North American for a little over ten years (they import to Seattle). The company does a lot with mobility and pediatric equipment. Their design definitely has a “European” flair to it, where engineered and specialty cut polyfoams are more popular and there’s a bit more in “unique” offerings.

The bed definitely has a different feel to it. Thomashilfen is showing at the USA market (Thevo Beds) and seem to be interested in opening up some retailers in brick and mortar locations (I still get emails from them inviting me to their booth at market), but what I see right now when searching online is them selling through online channels (like their own web site, Sam’s Club or medical health stores online) and infomercials, so with being such a unique product and not being able to test it out in person, you’d want to be completely aware of their 30-night trial policy.

Jeff Scheuer
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Thanks very much for sharing your personal experience with this brand! Being an engineer I can certainly appreciate the required work to develop such a new and unique approach in mattress design which they appear to have refined over many years. Of course the amount of engineering effort that goes into any given mattress is no guarantee of how well it will suit any specific user since we all have different needs. As you stated the manufacturer’s trial period or the Sam’s Club return policy would be crucial due to the unavailability of local retailers to try out the mattress in person.

I’d welcome the input of any other forum members who might have some experience with or additional knowledge about these unique mattresses. I contacted the company by email yesterday and then spoke to them by phone. They were very helpful and impressed me as being very customer focused.

Thanks again!

Thought I’d include a picture of the internal structure of the mattress for easy reference:

Hey Sweet Dreams:

You’re welcome. It is some interesting technology.