They no longer produce this mattress. Can you help me find one that's similar?

Beds that I liked

I used to sleep on Salem Pillow Top bed by Englander Mattress and I liked it. I contacted Englander, the company that makes this mattress and they told me that they no longer make it.

I did some shopping around and I found that I really like the Saatva Classic and Saatva RX bed.

Sealy Posturepedic plus hybrid point 14 plush mattress

I also went to a DYI mattress store and found out that I really like to have Mattress Coil in my bed.

What did not work for me

I got Sleep on Latex bed and it was too hard. It caused bad pain. I am 5’6 166 pounds but I have big lats and I think that was what caused the problem. So I returned it and the people at Sleep on Latex were very nice.


Any recommendations on what bed I should be looking for? I live in Dallas so I can go look at other brands so let me know

Welcome to the mattress underground community. Hopefully, you will get the help and insight you are looking for.
Have you looked at the Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep. Rather than memory foam, it uses latex and is flippable with two different levels of feel. I have nothing against saatva, I looked at the classic before I bought my brooklyn bedding plank luxe, but I keep reading more and more that the memory foam keeps failing and sinking. I know they get great reviews online, but I am cautious about the review process it receives. Is this the mattress you are looking for? There are trusted members here that have mattresses that will fill your needs too.

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Also, i have watched some videos about Texas Mattress Makers. They seem to offer a lot solutions for Texans. Perhaps they can match you up!

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The Ecosleep Luxe and it seems close to what I am looking for. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I went to Dallas Natural Mattress yesterday and they were able to build different models for me. And from that I found out that I really like to have foam in my mattress. So I think I want to build my own mattress. Do you guys think it’ll be worthwhile to build my own? Do you think the cost would be cheaper?

Plan on going to Texas mattress factory this week.

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Could I make something like this?

8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa coils

1/2 inch LUX-R Foam - Standard Mattress

2 inch soft, sleep on latex topper

One thing that is with this set up you will have a better support layer and edge support than your previous mattress, with the edge to edge coils and reinforced edge support. The lux-r is not a great foam, perhaps just a bit below average, with a support factor under 2, although you are seemingly using it as either a transition layer or part of your comfort layer with the soft dunlop on top. Depending on the comfort level you want, why not consider talalay on top? What exactly do you want it to feel like when you are lying in your bed? Floaty, sinking, firm, plush, hugging? It is always better to know where you want to end up, so it is easier to pave the road to get there.

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I was going to put the foam on the bottom of the coils. I took a lot of my inspiration from this post on reddit

What Talalay latex would you recommend? Also is 8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa coils the best deas I can get? with shipping, it comes to $400.

I love plush mattresses and don’t know much about hugging mattresses but I think I would like it since I like plush.

Ahh that makes sense to use the HD foam as the base. I would still shoot for bit denser base. Then i would check with Custom Sleep Technology for their talalay toppers. Bob is excellent at getting you the right feel for what you are looking for. Just dont go too soft.

Hi TeaKay.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile: It looks like you’ve been having a great exchange with batmannorm.

It can be cheaper, and of course it would be fully suited to your pressure and support preferences/needs, which is really priceless when you think about it.

Your proposed build - at first glance - seems to be thin in terms of the comfort and transition layers. How did you come to this build? Is it based on the specs of mattresses you’ve tried? I worry you might sink through those soft layers into that foam, which may not be an exceptionally comfortable experience.

That said, the beauty of a DIY is you can always add and takeaway as needed.

I see CST has also been tagged in the conversation. I’m sure they’ll have great input!


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Yes, I definitely agree, no transition layer between the coils and proposed soft talalay layer above the coils. Perhaps, a 2" medium talalay over the coils and another softer 2" on top of that. I think if there is only a soft 2" talalay over those coils, he could be bottoming out into the coils.