Thickness in topper make a difference?

Was wondering if making a 8" latex mattress out of 2" topper makes a difference in feel or durability ? Example if I build a latex mattress out of organic dunlop and go 2 2" firm 30ish ILD for the core than 2"medium 25ish and 2" soft 20ish would it feel different or be any less durable than if I went with a core that was 4" of the same firmness of the 2 2"?

Hi WadeB,

If both of the 2" layers were the same type and blend of latex and the same ILD as the single 4" layer and they were being used as the bottom layers of the mattress then there wouldn’t be any meaningful difference in either durability or feel (see post #2 here) so the biggest difference would be that with multiple layers you would have more options to arrange the layers in different ways…

If you have multiple thinner layers that are closer to the top of a mattress then they will tend to respond a little more independently and can “act” a little softer than a single layer that is the same ILD and thickness as the multiple layers.


Thanks Phoenix!