Thin Pillow

Hi, I am buying a new latex bed and am looking for new pillows. Most of the pillows I see are usually rather plump. Currently I use a very old down pillow that is so thin I usually feel like my head is just resting on the bed itself. Is there a latex or memory foam pillow that is thin or soft enough to mimic my current pillow?

Hi briancl,

There are thousands of different pillows of all shapes and sizes and thicknesses and using all types of materials (including latex and memory foam) but a big part of a pillow choice (more than a mattress choice) involves personal preferences because our head and face area is very sensitive to the “feel” of a pillow which is much more subjective. There are no manufacturers or materials that dominate the pillow market because there is such a wide range of individual preferences involved.

There are a few basic “needs” for a pillow though that are important and the pillow thread here has some good information and links to some good resources and suggestions.


I’m a pretty picky pillow connoisseur. I’ve found the best solution for myself was a nice zippered pillowcase filled with various shapes and sizes of latex shreds. When I get either a TMJD flare up or my neck starts to bother me, I can change the stuffing volume, add a neck roll or even add a knitted wool case for a different feel. So far this has been my favorite pillow ever but it’s pretty customized since most of it’s cannibalized from at least 3 other pillows.

-High quality zippered cotton case from a feather pillow purchased at TJMaxx
-Shredded latex foam from an Ultimate Dreams pillow
-Latex ‘micro-rods’ from a Seven Comforts baffled pillow
-Latex neck roll from a Seven Comforts pillow
-Hand knitted wool cover (Knit by me since I couldn’t find one anywhere but you could easily sew up a knit wool cover with a large thrifted sweater)

It’s a Frankenpillow but I loves eet.

Briancl - I am right there with you. Currently I use a 20yo (or maybe older) poly filled pillow. It is thin when flat and thick enough for reading when doubled over. I have tried a number of pillows in the intervening years but none of them have met my needs. I want to replace the pillow but need to find something that will work for me.

I suggest buying LaNoodles by the Pound or similar, and stuff your own shredded Latex pillow to suit your need. Consider using a St. Dormeir Wool Pillow Protector, or a less expensive Lands’ End pillow protector or similar.


Oh, thank you for that LaNoodles by the pound link! I didn’t know they sold them like that. I used latex from other pillows laying around my house but that link really helps me. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

There’s some interesting and useful suggestions in this thread so I’ve added a link to it in the pillow thread so that others can benefit from them as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:


One can also fix a “FREE!” solid Latex pillow. It takes about an hour or so to pinch apart into popcorn-size fill… or smaller.

For a DIY mattress, if you change a mattress layer firmness, you will likely want to adjust the fill in the pillow (a firmer surface requires a taller pillow since your body will float higher in the cradle while the pillow tends to float the same).