Thinking about this mattress

I want to say that this is an AWESOME forum. I have a 16" Talay Queen that I have used for 20yrs and now after 7yrs of marriage my wife and I are looking for a king. The prices of the mattresses in the stores for Latex though are insane (willing to spend what is needed though).

We happened to be looking at Amazon and saw this ( and while it is Memory foam wanted to get some opinions or ideas on it. I have laid on them in the stores and they are nice, but you never get to lay long enough to really get them to conform well and truly feel what you are getting.

Here are our details to help you make a better suggestion:
ME: 6’ 8" 475lb - Side sleeper - Seperated left shoulder
WIFE: 5’ 9" 240lb - Back sleeper - Buldging lower discs and ciatic nerve issues

I tend to not turn alot on or current mattress but my wife goes from back to side to back a few times throughout the night.

So, what we are rally hoping is to find a King mattress (or set) that is firm/medium that will last. I am very open to suggestions, and will be contacting a few of the companies listed here to get suggestions from them. To be honest the mattress that I listed is an AWESOME price, but is also concerning since I do not know the quality of the oam and if I am just buying a 5yr mattress or a 20yr mattress.

Thanks in advance for this forum, and suggestions.


Hi digitalpure,

With your height/weight … I would tend to avoid any memory foam product that used less than 5 lb memory foam and even then it is not likely to last as long as latex which in general is more durable than memory foam. I doubt that the mattress you are looking at would even make it to 5 years and would likely be considerably less. With heavier weights … I would pay particular attention to the quality/density of all the materials in your mattress and the knowledge and experience of the people you are buying from so they can give you good guidance and help you make the most suitable choices. The best value for latex tends to be local factory direct manufacturers in your area, better sleep shops that carry smaller local or independent brands, or online (which is a little riskier because you can’t test the mattress first). The online sources that I would recommend because of the quality/value of their mattresses and their ability to give you the best possible guidance are listed in post #21 here. They are all invited members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country.

The first post in this thread has a step by step process that can help you find the best quality and value mattress and eliminate most of the worst choices so you can focus more on the best.

If you let me know the city or zip you live in I’d be happy to let you know of any local manufacturers or better retailers in your area I’m aware of.


Thank you for the details. I may keep it for a guest bed then and stay with my latex queen. I would really like to talk to the local providers though and see what is possible.

My in southern VA (24084).

Hi digitalpure,

The best choices and possibilities in your general area that I’m aware of are in post #5 here.