This DIY platform enough support for latex bed?

I have a king size sleigh bed that was converted similar to this setup in the photos below (the slats we have are a stronger wood than pine though). Do you think I still need to add a leg support (or 2) for the center beam or is this fine for an all latex mattress (the sleepEZ 10,000 model)? Just concerned that maybe the center could sag if we sleep in the middle ever?


Hi Barra,

If your design is similar to the pictures then the center support that it already has with three center support beams (two of which are supported to the floor) would easily be strong enough to resist any sagging IMO.


Awesome! I figured the guy we hired to modify the bed would have added the extra legs in the center if he felt it was necessary, but I had second thoughts now that the bed is due to arrive any day now!

Once it’s here, I will take pics of the set up we have with info on what/how/where we got supplies & products from if that helps others at all.

Thanks again!

Hi Barra,

That would be great … thank you.

Congratulations on your new mattress as well :slight_smile:

You certainly made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.



So sorry I didn’t give an update! Here’s what we have:

SleepEZ 10000 with a 4 way stretch cotton cover instead of the standard quilted cover
3 3" layers of talalay latex custom to each side
My side: Soft, Med, Firm
Hubby’s side: Med, Med, Firm

Got it here:

We specifically requested the top layers NOT be glued together because we wanted the option to switch out layers (as you’ll read below) and the fact we needed to get a king size bed through a tiny stairway. I can honestly say there is no gap at the “seam” where the layers meet in the middle, the only way I notice I’m in the middle of the bed (hubby’s claim all the time!) is when I feel the firmer side.

The mattress is on a modified sleigh bed with wood slats and extra leg supports for the base.

It has been 18 months and we LOVE this bed! After the first 6 months my husband said his side didn’t feel firm enough, so I switched my firm layer with his medium layer so that I have Soft, Med, Med and He has Med, Firm, Firm. He sleeps like a baby and I’m just fine with the switch (sleep well with either configuration).

We also noticed a huge improvement with his allergies (dust, dust mites etc.) and also love the shredded latex pillows as well.

For the mattress pad, we went with the St. Dormier mattress protector with the 16" deep pocket and it fits our 10" mattress (9" in latex layers and 1" for cover) like a glove. It gives well so there’s no stiffness on the surface either. Got it here: (ADMIN NOTE: Removed page not found link / kept initial footprint)

We have found that jersey cotton sheets work the best with this mattress. We got some from The Company Store as well as Garnet Hill and the Garnet Hill brand is much better as far as quality goes.

The only thing we need to tweak is the wood slats, some of them were a tiny bit warped so they tend to make a clank noise if sitting on a certain spot of the bed. We also notice they shift from time to time but that is because we don’t have them secured at the head and foot of the bed. Doesn’t affect the support at all but thought I’d share for anyone else who’s considering making slats for a platform.

Thanks again Phoenix for all your help and suggestions!


I enclosed photos but they don’t seem to be showing in my previous post…

Phoenix is there a way I can send them to you and have you post them possibly? There’s about 9 total detailing the platform bed.

Hi Barra,

Thanks for taking the time to come back and share a longer term update … I appreciate it.

It’s great to hear that everything worked out so well for both of you (after the layer switch) :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that they are probably larger than the forum limits (see the help section here).

If you reduce the size you should be able to attach them to your post or if you’re not sure how to do that then if you email them to me at the contact address at the top right of the page I can reduce them and add them to your post for you.


Thanks Phoenix! I just emailed them to you :slight_smile:


Your pictures were all a suitable size but there can only be 9 attachments in a single post so I attached 9 of them to one post and the last 3 to the next one.


Ok, thanks!


Why did you decide on the stretch cotton cover instead of the quilted cover?

It “gives” so that you can actually feel the latex vs the quilted cover has a layer of wool that attributes to a stiffer surface and no stretch. A nice plus also is that the stretch cover was less expensive.


Thanks for the feedback!