This is interesting.. what do you make of it?

Delete me.

Hi Yuppicide,

I have no idea what it means except that it appears that ABD purchased a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding/Dreamfoam either for their own use or for shipment to a customer. I know that Brooklyn Bedding/Dreamfoam can and does make mattresses for other retailers (they have a state of the art factory that can custom build mattresses for other companies).

It looks like you received an email that shouldn’t have gone to you for some strange reason but I’m not clear why you posted it here. Since you aren’t a party to the transaction I certainly don’t think the commission would have anything to do with you (it could be their commission for selling a Brooklyn Bedding/ Dreamfoam mattress to one of their customers).

I would think that receiving the email is clearly some type of mistake and I would probably call Dreamfoam and ask them whether they are comfortable with leaving it on the forum and if they aren’t I would probably delete it so that any confidential information that was meant for someone else isn’t posted on the forum.