Thisclose to buying an OMI (Organicpedic)Terra

Hi sfmom,

As you know I think very highly of both SleepEZ and Flobeds and they are both members of the site.

Exchanging a layer to fine tune the comfort or support of the mattress is a fairly simple process. They ship you a new layer and then you just use the same box for the old layer and have it picked up and shipped back. No compression needed. Returning the mattress is of course a little more difficult because you would be returning everything but it’s also fairly simple and doesn’t require a commercial vacuum packer (you can see some instructions about compressing latex layers in post #5 here). Of course the time and effort involved if you are one of the minority that needs to exchange a layer or the even smaller minority that decides to return it is part of the tradeoff that goes with the significantly lower prices compared to other similar mattresses such as Lifekind and this would be part of each person’s personal value equation.

You are certainly looking at some good quality options and I’m looking forward to finding out what you decide is the “best value” option for you and of course any other questions you may have along the way that I can help with.