Thought’s on this first build

Looking to build a king size mattress for me and my wife . I’m 155 and she’s 110. We both are combo sleepers though mostly on the side. We currently sleep on a Serta innerspring mattress bought 7 years ago and it’s medium firm. I do toss and turn often and she’s a very light sleeper. After much research these were my thoughts :

Comfort layer - 2" natural Talalay latex - 24ILD

3" Dunlop latex - medium 28 IDL

8" pocketed coil combi zone

1" Dunlop latex - 40 IDL

Would love any input . Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our products. The only thing I would change is the 2 top layers. 3" Natural Talalay over 2" of #28 dunlop instead of the other way around. This will give you a better overall feel especially when on your side. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

What are your thoughts on adding a additional 2" of Talalay (so a total of 4" of Talalay ) on top on the 3" Med Dunlop .

The only reason because I was going to buy the toppers in increments to test out the feel first before , rather than getting everything at once.

So I was going purchase the 3" med Dunlop and then decide if I wanted to go firmer or softer on the top.

If I was going to go softer After I would purchase 2" Talalay and see how that feels and then make more adjustments after.

Hope this is not confusing

Not confusing at all, I often recommend doing just that. Once you have the firmness right then you can order the proper height zippered cover