Thoughts on Magic Sleeper in Pottstown, PA (Luxury Hybrid and Dual Solace)


As all other stories go, I am in the market for a new mattress and I count myself very fortunate to have found this site, there is a lot of information on this site. While reading I also found a few local manufacturers. We went to a couple of them and found a manufacturer that makes a couple of mattresses that we like.

We have a king size platform bed. Some other details, myself, 5’8", 178lbs and my spouse, 5’3", 130lbs. We both are primarily side sleepers. We also have a 4 year old son who likes to use our bed as a trampoline… :slight_smile:

We like mattresses that provide a firm support. Our previous mattress was a Simmons Lansdowne Beautyrest mattress that we really liked.

That being said, here are the details about the manufacturer and the mattresses. The manufacturer is Magic Sleeper( in Pottstown, PA and the mattresses in question are the Luxury Hybrid(Memory Foam & Latex Foam) and the Dual Solace.

From what I have understood, the hybrid one probably might not have the same long life as the other one which is full latex. Other questions are what are the advantages and disadvantages of the above two mattresses. How does the full latex mattress compare against the full latex mattress sold by Sleep EZ. The price differential between them is quite substantial. Though the catch there is that, you still have to worry about how to dispose the mattress, buying locally the manufacturer will recycle the mattress.

I have also been reading about the full latex mattress sold by Sleep EZ. Price wise, it is very attractive considering that you are getting a king size full latex mattress for about $2280(5% discount for this site members).

Can the more informed folks here provide their thoughts and other pointers that I should think about when going about selecting a mattress?

Many thanks…

Hi tabalchi,

I don’t know the specific details of the layering of the Luxury Hybrid so it’s not possible for me to make specific comments about it but I’m happy to make a few more general comments particularly about the Natura.

In general … I think Magic Sleeper certainly offers some of the best quality/value mattresses in the area. They make their own and they also carry Natura and I also believe that their own mattresses probably have better value than the Natura line that they carry. The Luxury hybrid is one of their own mattresses and the Dual solace is one of the Natura lineup.

The Dual Solace has 9" of latex, a little more wool (not much), a firm coconut coir layer on the bottom (providing stability and firmness), and is zoned while the SleepEz is 9" of latex (not zoned) with more customizable layers on each side and a wool quilted ticking/quilting. While the amount of latex is similar … you would need to decide on the value of any differences and how important these differences were to you based on your own “value equation” compared to the extra price and any extra risk involved in purchasing online vs buying something you have tested personally. As you mentioned the value to you of disposing of your old mattress and any other benefits of dealing with either would also need to be factored in.

It’s also important to make “apples to apples” comparisons because the most comparable SleepEz mattress in terms of materials would be the SleepEz “natural” line where the King is $1995 rather than their “Organic” line. the “Natural” line offers either 100% natural Dunlop or blended Talalay layers like the Solace (except the Solace has an inch of blended Dunlop which SleepEz doesn’t use at all).

If you can provide the details of the layering of the Luxury Hybrid (which they don’t list on their website) then I may be able to make more specific comments about it as well although the odds are very high that a latex mattress will be more durable than a memory foam mattress for most people. The “tradeoff” is that you may prefer the feel and performance of the Luxury Hybrid over the all latex mattress which would increase it’s “value” to you.

It may also be worthwhile to ask them about the all latex mattress that they make themselves (which they were still doing at least a few months ago when they told me they made a latex mattress with a Dunlop core and Talalay comfort layers) as an alternative to the Natura and include that in your research as well.

Hope this helps