Thoughts on Therapedic Mattress

My wife and I were out m shopping over the weekend and we found a flippable Therepedic mattress which we likes, but from a construction standpoint I don’t think we were able to get enough information to buy yet. Here is what we got off of the “spec sheet.”

Weston Gel + Latex Pillow top
Cover: Stretch knit
Quilting: Triple layer tack & Jump Plush Luraflex, Celesta FR Barrier
Build Up: Gel infused memory foam layer (2/s), Natural Latex topper (2/s), Convoluted Poly Foam Topper (2/s)
Insulation: Fiber Support Pad (2/s)
Edge Support: Steel Inserts and Foam Wrap surround the unit perimeter
Unit: 660 Pre-loaded Body Print 3-Zone Pocketed Coil System
Borders: Multi Quilt Border
Foundation: Sustainable Wood Foundation

Some other info: My wife and I are larger people: me 280, she 180. I am 90% side sleeper, she is 70/30 side stomach.

I intend to call the local Therapedic manufacturer to get more info and I was wondering what points I should press?

Thank you.

Hi tvel3,

The information you would need to assess the quality of the materials and assess whether it has any obvious weak links and make meaningful comparisons to other mattresses is in this article. Once you have all the information you need then you can compare the quality of the materials to the guidelines here and of course to the other finalists you are considering.

In some cases a factory that only sells their mattresses to retailers and isn’t factory will only provide this information to their retailers (assuming they provide it at all) so I would ask your retailer to call the factory and find out the information you need (if they don’t know it already) rather than trying to find out yourself. Part of the job of any good retailer is to make sure that their customers have all the information they need to make an informed buying decision.