I had a question about how you think that this mattress that RMM would feel and why its being offered at such a closeout price, link here: . I am considering it and have tried a few mattresses out over the past few weeks, i like the softer feel on top with layers that get firmer as you sink in, would this mattress based upon the description fit that? I like the fact that the mattress has latex, but only if its a softer ILD. If not i also liked the temperpedic cloud luxe when i tried it out. Any suggestions?

Hi Themattressman,

I have no reason to doubt the reason they provide in the listing which is that it was a manufacturing mistake …

This clearance item is brand new, but was made to include 2" of latex, and 2" of memory foam in the box top, instead of 4" of memory foam only.

For those who would “fit” this construction … it would be good value :slight_smile:

How it feels would be impossible for me to know because it doesn’t have the ILD information (comfort specs) and even then with such a complex layering it would be very difficult for me to predict how any particular person would “feel” it. One person’s soft is another persons firm. I will say though that I personally like the combination of latex and memory foam in a comfort layer.

I think it would probably be much more effective to talk with them and ask them to describe how they think it would feel in comparison to other mattresses that you may have some experience with or others that they sell. They would have much more knowledge about this than I would and would probably be able to “rate” it in the softness firmness range of their mattresses. The manufacturers themselves are usually the best source for this type of information.