Tip the delivery guys?

Hi All,

Not sure if this is a dumb question or not but what’s the protocol for whether or not to tip the delivery guys? We have 2 deliveries coming tomorrow: A mattress from one place and a boxspring/frame from another. I’m guessing they’ll be setting up the stuff when they get here. So, tip or not? And if so, how much?



Hi dave 36251,

I don’t think there is any “protocol” but normally a tip is not required for a regular furniture delivery. If the service is particularly good though or they are particularly careful and helpful, have to work harder than normal to get the delivery to where it’s going or set it up, or “go beyond” the call of duty or what they are “required” to do in your judgement (based on the delivery level that they are being paid for) … then I will usually give them $10 each.