Tmu mattress discount

Was looking into buying a mattress…the luma latex hybrid and all latex is what I’m looking at. But looking at their tmu discounts and discounts from other vendors don’t make sense. I figured tmu would give a better discount for being a member. But their discounts are the same as if you just actually go to their site without being a member.

Hi Tinytaters, welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Our agreement with our Trusted members Luma Sleep is that the discounts offered to consumers on The Mattress Underground are equal or greater than those offered to the general public. In the case of, we offer an additional 10% on top of any sale price listed on their site, by using the TMU discount code listed. This will provide a deeper discount than just ordering from their site.

I hope this clears things up,


Ok thanks. It was the equal to that threw me off. Thought it would be better than just going to the websites and entering email to get the same discount. All good tho. Really need a discount for the hours and weeks of endless research. Lol

Hi Tinytaters,

Glad I could clear things up for you!